2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday season is here and we’ve compiled a list of gifts that any Xbox owner should want and need. The list features a few obvious choices and a few not so obvious, with consoles and controllers to accessories & headsets. Check the list out below.


With the release of the Xbox One X it should be at the top of the list especially for those unfortunate enough to not yet have one. Available for £449.99, you can check out our review here. However, there’s also the fact that some just don’t see the need to upgrade to it yet, especially if buying a console for a child. That’s where the Limited Edition Minecraft Xbox One S comes in. Designed to resemble the iconic grass block and features an exclusive transparent underside with Redstone accents and a controller that has a Creeper design. It also comes bundled with the game and DLC. Find it on Amazon here.



Hard Drives

With digital downloads becoming ever more popular and the fact that games have to be installed from the disc, an external hard drive is a must for any avid gamer. With plenty on offer ranging from 500GB – 4TB, we’ve had a good look around and think that the 4TB Seagate is probably the best value for money. It should give you plenty of storage for lots of games. Don’t forget when purchasing an external hard drive for an Xbox One, it must have USB 3.0. Find the 4GB Seagate on Amazon here.



Since the dawn of the console people have been creating custom controllers, nowadays there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to controllers, with the official Xbox One controller available in various colours at retailers and spare shells available on ebay, you can also purchase the Xbox One Elite controller, but who wants to have to mess around changing parts or having the same controller as everyone else? Luckily you can go one step further with a controller made on the Xbox Design Lab. You can customise the colour for different parts and also personalise it with a name, gamertag or message (up to 16 characters). They start at £59.99 and increase in price for adding extras such as rubberised grip (£4.99), metallic d-pad (£1.99), metallic triggers (£2.99) and personalised message (£7.99). Bringing the total up to £87.95 with all the extras added. Check out Xbox Design Lab for more info and colour scheme ideas. You can always save a design and return to it later to make any changes before placing your order.


Snakebyte Game:Kit
The Snakebyte Game:Kit is a product put together by Snakebyte which consists of 1 x 3m braided charging cable, 1 x controller carry case complete with a carabiner to hook it to your backpack and 4 x controller caps in lime green and black (thumbstick covers) it’s a perfect gift for anyone who likes to take care of their controllers, I’ve struggled to find any controller cases other than the one which comes with the Elite Controller, with the added bonus of a braided charging cable and thumbstick covers it’s a bit of a steal! Find it on Amazon here.

Cable Guys
We’ve all seen the play and charge kits you can purchase from most major retailers, they come with batteries and a stand which is usually for two controllers, personally i’m not a fan of the aftermarket batteries and like to use the official Play and Charge Kit with that in mind I was looking for a controller stand which was a little bit different to the rest, this is where i found the Cable Guy Controller & phone holder, while there’s no battery supplied with them, they do come with a 3m cable that is USB to micro USB and also has an adaptor for iphones. Making them great for not only charging your controller, you can also have your phone to hand on charge while gaming, extremely suitable for streamers who use their phones to check on their chat. Not to mention they’re pretty good looking models too, standing at around 8’’ Cable Guys are modeled on Ronald “Red” Daniels from Call of Duty WWII & Simon “Ghost” Riley from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Find them on Amazon here. (there’s Ryu & Sonic figures planned for Feb 2018).

Trigger Treadz
Trigger Treadz are a UK brand which supply a stick on rubber tread for your controller triggers, they come in different textures and colours ranging from a racing rubber tread pattern and an all terrain tread pattern to colours including black, green orange, red, blue and white, at this current moment they have just released a project scorpio limited edition set of Trigger Treadz which come in black and green with small scorpio logo’s on. They also supply Thumb Treadz which are a rubber thumbstick cover with various textures, want to try one of each? Take a look at the Combat Elite which supplies you with 1 x set of Trigger Treadz and 1 x set of Thumb Treadz in either green or blue camo! With prices ranging from £2.99 – £6.99 these are a perfect stocking filler. Head over to the Trigger Treadz website to check them out.

LucidSound LS20

The LucidSound LS20 is probably the best all round headset We’ve ever come across (check our review), featuring outstanding audio and build quality that’s use is not restricted to just the console. It can be used for any device that has a 3.5mm audio jack, it also features a rechargeable battery for powered amplification, on ear controls and a built in mic making it ideal for use when out and about to take calls from your mobile phone. It is priced around £60 making it an absolute steal, there’s plenty of places to purchase it from all nicely put together on the LucidSound website

Turtle Beach Stealth 700
The Stealth 700 wireless headset offers an absolutely fantastic audio experience when gaming on the Xbox One. It has quite a few nice little touches that shows the dedication of the team at Turtle Beach, such as the ProSpecs feature to add extra comfort for wearers of glasses. It is a comfortable, great performing and versatile headset that offers a number of uses, including being used on phones for making and receiving calls via bluetooth, even while gaming. The price may seem steep at £129.99 [link] but with the amount of tasks that this headset can perform and the fact that the audio quality is absolutely fantastic, it’s difficult not to recommend this brilliant headset. Find it on Amazon here.

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