5 Reasons Why… Sunset Overdrive Needs a Sequel

In 2014 an Xbox One exclusive launched that was not only a brand new IP, but was also the first game on Xbox hardware by Insomniac Games, who were famous for so many Playstation exclusives. Sunset Overdrive would be the first game ever made by Insomniac that would not appear on the Playstation format and it caused quite a stir. With a refreshing open world concept and some grunge style artwork to boot, not only was Sunset Overdrive gearing up to be a fantastic game, but it ended up being better than everyone imagined and offered a fantastic gaming experience that still holds up incredibly well today and there is nothing else like it available for the Xbox One, even today.

Unfortunately due to the massively disappointing and now famous Xbox One reveal and the negativity surrounding the console, by the time Sunset Overdrive had been released, the Xbox One was going through a hefty slump. Because of this, and despite being well received critically, Sunset Overdrive never quite got the recognition it deserved, didn’t sell particularly well so never had the opportunity to be played by as many people as it should. To this day, 4 years later, Sunset Overdrive remains one of my favourite Xbox One games and with a more than worthy Metacritic score of 81, a great score for an exclusive game, here are my 5 Reasons….why Sunset Overdrive deserves a sequel.

1. Unique Open World: With open world games being at the forefront of modern day gaming, Sunset Overdrive achieved something that many fail with when creating a free roam open world experience. Insomniac Games designed a unique open world, beaming with things to do and utilising everything within that world to use as an advantage. Players were able to use rooftops, industrial vents, vehicles, barriers, overhead cables amongst many other things to bounce, slide, scale and speed around in order to progress through the many quests that the game offered. It is an open world experience that is not only unique but it is a joy to just travel around, seamlessly using the environment to stay off the ground if you choose and not only does it work incredibly well, it has a fluidity that is yet to be matched, even 4 years later. An incredible open world that is a joy to explore and have countless amounts of fun with.

2. Characters & Quests: Aside from the unique open world that Sunset Overdrive offers, there is also the fantastic characters and some fantastic quests that really shine in this game too. Each and every character that you come across are all unique individuals with a variety of personalities that are incredibly funny and hold the story together well. There is never a dull moment within the quests in Sunset Overdrive, whether that be part of the main story or a side quest picked up along the way and the unique characters hold all of this together really well. With fantastic tongue in cheek writing, the appealing characters and fantastic variety in quests, Sunset Overdrive never feels like it loses its pace and maintains a healthy momentum that is both refreshing and addictive.

3. Unique Monsters: Along with its fantastic characters, Sunset Overdrive also has some wonderfully gross and unique enemies, or OD (Overcharged Dinkers) as they are also called. These are basically made up of infected humans who have had far too much of the Overcharge Delerium XT Energy Drink by Fizzco. These OD are ridiculously crazy, and come after you in herds, keeping you on your toes throughout the many battles you will encounter. There are a fair few different forms of OD, all with unique abilities and offer some wonderful challenges throughout the city. There is never a safe place to hide in Sunset Overdrive and the fantastic enemy design offers an experience like no other. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a group of OD explode around you with guts splattering everywhere covering the terrain with their inners. These still remain some of the most adventurous, yet wonderfully gross and funny enemies you will see in any game of the last 10 years.

4. Weapons of mass destruction: The big selling point of Sunset Overdrive is in its weapon creation system. Similar to the Dead Rising series, Sunset Overdrive offers some unique and devastating weapons that can be crafted using special tools and objects collected throughout the world. If you don’t fancy crafting them though, there is also the option of acquiring them off a vendor in exchange for ‘Overcharge’ a currency collected within the game by completing quests. There is a healthy mixture of melee and firing weapons that are not only original but are a real joy to use, offering some of Sunset Overdrives best highlights. Seeing herds of enemies explode as you fire a homing barrel of fireworks at them from a unique bazooka or rapid firing vinyls from a weapon called ‘Nothing but the hits’ or even explosive hairspray bombs is a sight to behold and something that needs to be witnessed. The weapons in Sunset Overdrive are some of the most ridiculous but satisfying weapons you will ever use in any game.

5. Visual Style: Sunset Overdrive is a really good looking game, there is no denying it. The art style that goes with the gameplay mechanics makes this game stand out above the rest. With a vibrant cartoon style visual style, whacky character customisation and the gorgeously gross enemies, Sunset Overdrive looks fantastic, even by today’s standards, nearly 4 years after its release. Back when it first launched, it was one of the first games that offered a true next gen experience in terms of how it looked. Attention to detail is evident within its environment, characters and enemies. Even explosions look fantastic and every little detail in the OD designs stands out and looks fantastic. Imagine what the sequel would look like on the Xbox One X.

Those are just 5 reasons why Sunset Overdrive deserves a sequel and to be honest I could have picked 20 reasons or more as to why this game deserves to be brought back. It is an absolutely brilliant game that should be experienced by everyone who owns an Xbox One. A sequel is the best way to acknowledge the facts that Sunset Overdrive remains one of the best games available on Xbox, even now. I don’t care if it’s a console exclusive, launch exclusive or multi platform, I just want this wonderful game to have the sequel it truly deserves. If you haven’t yet played this game and you own an Xbox One, then you owe it to yourself to pick this game up and play it, I promise you that you won’t regret it. It can be picked up relatively cheap now ranging from around £10 on disc if you shop around but it is also part of the Xbox Game Pass library so you could pay the fee of £7.99 and have instant access to it for a month, amongst all the other titles available too.

Matt Booty, if for any reason you happen to be reading this please please please open that cheque book and offer Insomniac Games the money they need to get this game made. They have already stated that it’s ready to go and all they need is a publisher, so this could serve many purposes in one go and expand the exclusive library. You know it makes sense, ask the Xbox Community because there is no doubt that we all want Sunset Overdrive 2. Imagine what it would look like in native 4K HDR…..

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