5 Reasons Why… You should go to EGX

So us here at Xbox Gamer Reviews attended a gaming event in London called EGX Rezzed. Not only was it a fantastic event but it made us realise that more people need to know about this fantastic showcase, so here are our 5 Reasons Why… You Should Go To EGX.

1 – Road Trip

It’s a day or two (or 3 days depending on what tickets you want to get) where you and your gaming buddies can get together and soak in a gaming event. You probably play online every night together or every other night at least, so why not get together for a bit of a road trip and go to one of the few gaming showcase events that are currently available in the UK. It’s a great laugh and with so much to do there will never be a dull moment but be warned, make sure you take plenty to drink as queues for food & drink can get quite hectic. Ultimately though this is a great opportunity for you and your pals do have fun and mingle with other gamers alike.

2 – Opportunities

So you’ve arrived with your pals and you want to know where to start first. Just pick a starting point and move around from there, make sure you download the EGX App so you have a floor plan to go by. Soak in the atmosphere and use this opportunity to speak to the very people who create these fantastic games. Have you always wanted to know where inspiration comes from? Wanted to know things about what goes in to developing a game? Then this is your opportunity to get up close and personal with producers, developers, art designers, writers and lead programmers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and never ever think that these guys or girls are too busy to talk to you because if there is one thing they love its people showing an interest in their work, they love it. Their passion is clear to see and if they can see that you have a similar passion then they’ll be more than willing to talk to you.

3 – Experience new things

You may be the type of gamer who loves a particular genre, developer or publisher and there is nothing wrong with that, but use an event like EGX to take yourself out of your comfort zone. Try and experience new things, new games that maybe you wouldn’t normally consider upon their release. There are loads of hidden gems to discover at a gaming event and EGX is no different, there is so much on display that it can be hard to get round to see everything so you decide to stay around what you know. Try not to do this, go and try new things, go and play something that you would never normally play and I think you’d be pleasantly surprised and if nothing else it mixes things up a bit and stops everything becoming stale early on. Venture out and discover new genres, it’s the perfect opportunity.

4 – Giveaways, Meet & Greets, & Merchandise

There is so much more to EGX than the obvious and sometimes these things can get missed. There are regular mini events that are happening throughout where you have to opportunity to maybe win some prizes by completing a challenge or even meeting an icon of the industry. This could be your only opportunity to meet someone who you’ve been a fan of for many years so take that opportunity as you may never get the chance again. Also in the majority of the play areas, the developers and publishers will be giving out little token pieces to promote their game like pens, wristbands, posters, pin badges and more. These items are there for you guys, don’t be afraid to ask if you can take some information cards on their game, or a pen or even a poster. They want you to come and experience it all and they want you to experience their game so you will talk about it with friends or colleagues. There are also merchandise stores where you can purchase some rare collectible gaming merchandise like gaming hoodies, t-shirts, figurines and much more. Prices are pretty reasonable too so if you’re in to your collecting or even if you’re not, I have no doubt that something here will catch your eye.

5 – Games Games Games!!!

Yes, that’s right the main attraction here is games and lots of them. Rooms are filled, wall to wall with gaming pods, booths and tabled areas for you to get stuck in and play some of the hottest new releases coming out in the next 12 months. Some of the games will be early code so won’t be fully representative of the final product but the slices and sections you’ll be able to play will be more than enough to wet your appetite for when they are eventually released. There is some queuing involved but the wait is never too long and some games will have less wait time than others. There are studio specific stands and also brand specific too so all formats will be around for you to try including Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and PC plus mobile games and an App Store presence from Vendors such as Amazon. EGX is all about games and trust me when I say that there will be more than enough available for you to play, take in and experience.

So there we have it, our 5 reasons to go to EGX. The next event for 2018 is to be held in September at Birmingham’s NEC. We will be there so if you see us hanging around, come and talk to us and say hi.

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