8-Bit Adventure Anthology Volume 1 Review

  • Dev: General Arcade
  • Pub: Abstraction Games
  • Released: 31/10/17
  • Players: 1
  • Size: 376.6 MB
  • Price: £6.39/$7.99/€7.99
  • Let’s have a chat about 8-bit Adventure Anthology Volume 1 by General Arcade and Abstraction Games because really there isn’t much else I’d want to do with the game. 8-Bit Anthology is an 8-big adventure (duh!) comprised of 3 games from the late 80’s/early 90’s and that’s really where they should have stayed. The thought is good, but trying to convert a game that relys entirely on point and click on a console doesn’t really work. The three games are Shadowgate, The Uninvited and Deja Vu.

    In Shadowgate you’re exploring an old evil castle solving mysterys and puzzles in hopes of saving the world. The Uninvited puts you on the mission of finding your missing sister in a mysterious mansion and Deja Vu you’re looking to solve a mystery that you have no memory of including no memory of your own name. These COULD all have been great update games instead of just ports of the old-school dated game and that would have made them great retro games. But since they’re just ports they leave a lot to be desired with current systems and games.

    The graphics are all on point, 8-bit narrows things down and i can only assume they are good replicas of the originals. The sound is also good, again old-school is always fun to deal with, but the gameplay is so drawn out with the typing-text story and the notebook taking up most of the screen and the only way to do anything (point and click) is what you end up doing 90% of the time and the game loses any fluidity because you can choose an option and it’s the wrong option you have to go back to choose another option and again and again which can especially be extremely aggravating if you’re stuck.

    I also feel that they could have made things a little bigger with adjusting the notepad and controls locations. Most TVs in the early 90’s weren’t 40″ but they are now and that would have helped things a little bit. The saviour of the game may be it’s price. At $7.99 it could prove to be worth it to some but if you’re not sure it might keep you away. This collection really feels like it’s a niche set of games for a very niche group of people and while finding a niche doesn’t necessarily make it a bad game it does preclude people from wanting to try something that was “cool” before many gamers today were born. Heck they could have come out with some updates and made the original game as an option not the main product.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 2
    Graphics 6
    Audio 6
    Replay Value 2
    Value For Money 4
    8-bit Adventure Anthology Vol 1

    8-bit is 8-bit so you get what you expect from the graphics and audio but the controls and gameplay leave you snoozing. A little updating would have gone a long way without taking away from the feel of the game.

    • 8-bit retro game
    • good audio
    • not updated in any way
    • slow gameplay not recommended for late nights

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