88 Heroes Review

88 Heroes is a platformer in which you have 88 unlikely superheroes and 88 seconds to complete each level in order to dtop Dr. H8 destroying the world. Check out our review below to see if 88 Heroes is worth a look…

  • Dev: Bitmap Bureau
  • Pub: Rising Star Games
  • Release Date: 24/03/17
  • PEGI Rating:
  • Players: 1
  • Size: 417.1 MB
  • Category: Platformer
  • Price: £11.99
  • 88 Heroes is a classic style platforming game that will have you laughing one minute and wanting to throw your controller out of the window the next. You have 88 minutes to complete 88 levels with 88 different heroes, all with unique abilities. Amongst the heroes are a bunch of what seem to be familiar faces as most of them are a reference to real world characters and it is here that you will get the most laughs, with characters such as Gonan The Barbarian, Commandude and Agent 0088 to name but a few.

    Each level provides a different challenge that has various routes you can take along with with a mixture of timing puzzles thrown in too and it all works really well with each character having an ability that you will find useful but there are also a few that are just downright frustrating, but In a good way as that’s what the developer are clearly aiming for. I could really see where this game has pulled some of its influences from, with a classic platforming formula that presented more of a challenge as the game went on, especially the boss fights which resembled something straight out of a Sonic The Hedgehog game.

    Each level gets larger in scale and full with enemies and booby traps that try to halt your hero from entering through the door to the next level. Each stage has a different look and environment too and you will enter these new areas after each boss fight you complete and these new areas turn the difficulty up a notch each time you enter a new one. There is enough variation in level design to keep you interested and as much as you will feel the urge to get through each level as fast as possible, you will need a certain amount of patience occasionally too, otherwise you will end up dying…..a lot. It isn’t a game you will want to play for hours on end but it’s a good pick up and play game that you could stick on when you fancy a light hearted challenge that’s a little bit different.

    88 Heroes is a fairly basic looking game but that isn’t a criticism at all because as basic as the visuals are, they are still vibrant and suit this style of platformer, with a cartoon styled look that has a classic feel to it. There is a surrounding frame around the game that the main boss sits in front of, watching as you try to progress but it can be off putting at times when things move across the screen blocking your view to the next platform and maybe that’s what it’s supposed to do but either way it feels out of place and full screen would of been much easier on the eye and less of a hinderance.

    The audio has an 8 bit sound to it and it fits this game well, with some good one liners from the characters that are cringeworthy yet funny at the same time. Overall 88 Heroes plays as you would expect and apart from a few minor response issues when jumping on to another platform, the gameplay is pretty solid and fairly simple to master. There is a neat little ‘look’ option you can use to plan your route through the level and you will want to use this as the levels get harder and I found myself using it more and more the further I got.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 7.5
    Graphics 7.5
    Audio 7
    Replay Value 8
    Value For Money 7.5
    88 Heroes

    88 Heroes isn't perfect but it's s a decent little platformer that will present a challenge the more you progress and with a few laughs along the way too. It plays pretty well and will keep you entertained, but it could also make you want to tear your hair out too, but stick with it because you'll get a sense of satisfaction once you finally complete a part you were stuck on. It isn't a revolutionary game but the theme of having these unique heroes adds a bit of originality to it and if you're a fan of challenging platforming games or like games with a classic arcade game feel to them then this is one you'll definitely want to pick up.

    • Fun platforming
    • Great character design
    • Funny one liners
    • Plenty of levels to get through
    • Some gameplay response issues
    • Distracting outer border

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