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We have a few dedicated staff members that have been gaming for decades, that will add reviews and content on a regular basis. We are always looking to move forward, and having a good standing of staff and content contributors is needed for this, so we are always looking for team members.

The Team

Russ – Editor | Co-founder

Gaming since the early 80’s. Love survival horror and a real big fan of indie games! See my posts HERE

Bobby – Co-founder

Gaming since the early 90’s enjoys playing platformers, survival and online co-op games. See my posts HERE

Dave – Reviewer

A passionate player of games for over 30 years and self proclaimed FIFA King. I enjoy all kinds of different game genres and love a good story driven game too. See my posts HERE

Eternal Rhage – Reviewer

Gamer mom and hobby farmer. Raising kids, chickens, and gamerscore! See my posts HERE

Dylan – Reviewer

I like Sandbox/RPGs, FPS and Survival games. I play all platforms and am a rather competitive person. See my posts HERE

Jordan – Reviewer

Generally i like to play any type of game,however i play MOBAS, Platforming games and dungeon crawlers which is what i mainly play in my spare time. See my posts HERE