Absolute Drift: Zen Edition Review

  • Dev: Funselektor Labs.
  • Pub: Flippfly.
  • Release Date: 25/08/17
  • PEGI/ESRB: 3/E
  • Players: 1
  • Size: 499.9MB
  • Category: Racing
  • Price: £9.59/$11.99/€11.99
  • Absolute drift is a simplistic top down drifting game don’t let its “zen” artwork fool you, this game can be one of the most difficult yet one of the easiest drifting games you will ever play, you work your way through 5 different areas which consist of missions to accomplish to unlock the next world, you also have drift races to take part in, each one has a set target to achieve to fully complete the track, I’m going to break this down in a little while and go over each vehicle along with customisation for said vehicles, but for now I’d like to focus on the mission areas.

    Area one through to 5 vary in size, each one has multiple missions in which you have to drift under a bridge, around an object, jump over or onto an object or drift close to an object, as you can imagine these all vary in difficulty some are extremely easy and others will take a little while to master, you can complete all of these missions in each area without touching one of the events, this is what i would class as the easy side to this game, loading up free roam and unlocking all areas and vehicles. You start off with what looks like a Toyota AE86 named “The Original” after moving through the worlds or areas you unlock “The Super” which resembles a Toyota Supra “Das Whip” which resembles a BMW E30 M3, “Missile” which to me resembles an old Mazda RX7, “Hoonwagon” which resembles an old estate car and lastly “Hoonivan” which looks like an old Mitsibushi van, each vehicle varies in how it handles and with that you should be able to find something which suits your needs, my personal favourite was Das Whip although the Hoonivan which you unlock after completing all 5 areas was also a pleasure to drift. Each vehicle can be customised to an extent, you can change the colour with up to 8 to choose from ranging from white to pink, as well as this you also have what I would call an accessory customisation ranging from carbon bonnets to vinyl wraps and roof racks, each vehicle has 3 options to choose from set specifically for that vehicle.

    With the selection of the vehicles you can choose which one is best for the many events littered throughout all of the areas, each event consists of 5 challenges whether it be drift for a specific amount of time, achieve a total score through drifting, perform so many donuts, drift multiple times etc etc this is where things start to become difficult, I personally unlocked all vehicles then used the vehicle best suited to my needs for said track, some events have an open track plan which makes for easy pickings, once you have completed one of the challenges it will stay completed, you can then replay the event and focus on the other challenges at hand, on top of this you also have an online leaderboard in which you can watch other players replays as well as playing the ghost of the world record holder for said event or your own personal best, this was a good choice as a multiplayer with multiple cars on any track at the same time would cause crashes and ruin your perfect drift run! The multiplayer competitive edge is still available with the leaderboards, everyone wants to be number one and defeat all of their friends.

    The simplistic art style to this game felt underwhelming to me at first, for a top down drifting game I don’t really know what I should expect, over time the simplistic artwork did grow on me, and I feel it perfectly fits the game, to compliment this you have an array of chilled out music tracks, whilst raging about the difficulty ramp up I found these perfect in calming me down, letting me continue attempting the perfect drift! I did notice whenever a track changed I would get some sort of lag whilst playing, a small jump, speaking with 2 fellow reviewers only one of them had also noticed this with another claiming he has had no issues, it could be a simple setting on our consoles or require a patch either way, it wasn’t enough to make me want to throw my toys out of the pram.

    Gameplay 7
    Graphics 5.5
    Audio 9
    Replay Value 6.5
    Value For Money 7
    Absolute Drift: Zen Edition

    Absolute Drift: Zen Edition is an enjoyable drifting game with a simplistic look, the drifting ability ranges from car to car and person to person but you should be able to find something that suits your needs, it’s artwork fits perfectly with the game and the audio is top notch especially for an indie title! If you’re a fan of drifting and top down games you should add this game to your collection even if it’s just for a single one time pick up and play.

    • Really decent audio selection
    • The variant in handling between vehicles makes it great for all gamers
    • Game lags when audio track changes
    • seems a little too difficult at times

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