Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron Review

  • Dev: Handy Games
  • Pub: Handy Games
  • Released: 24/07/18
  • PEGI/ESRB: 12/E10+
  • Players: 1-4 Local
  • Size: 1.63 GB
  • Price: £11.99/$14.99/€14.99
  • Xbox One X Enhanced: No
  • As I settled in to play Aces of the Luftwaffe I was ready for a fast paced Ariel combat game which reminded me off the good old days playing 1943 The Battle of Midway. Did it hit the mark? Or did it crash land behind enemy lines?

    Aces of the Luftwaffe is an Ariel combat came set during WW2 with a twist. The Germans possess huge “Aces” machines that if not destroyed will cause devastation around the globe giving them a huge advantage in the war to come. You play as a group of “American” (you will find out later why I have put that in quotation marks) pilots who witness first-hand the Aces capability and decide to take them on before they can do any more damage.

    The game is a really great concept and easily learned. You fly around avoiding damage from the thousands of enemies on the screen while holding down A firing your huge guns. Planes you down have a chance of dropping medals which when saved enough up can be used to raise your pilots skill levels and abilities or drop care packages which contain power ups to either your main guns or attach a different kind of turret to your plane. You have 4 planes in your squad, you control all 4 at the same time with your stick, however, at different stages one of them hinders you and you have to deal with that, for instance, one of them falls asleep while flying… yes I know, how did he ever passed the medical to become a pilot?. As he is sleeping his plane starts flying around without a care in the world so you and the other 2 planes must protect him until he wakes up. The game is like any other arcade game. You can change the difficulty and must progress through the levels ending in a boss battle. There are a few different types of missions like chase or rescue which does give things a little variety when playing.

    The graphics are decent with the 3D models of the Aces hovering around to the planes being shot down it does give depth to the images we are being shown. The character models are ok. I would have liked to have had more of a choice on customising my planes, however, you can unlock other planes. The explosions and the care packages looked great. The colours are bright and vibrant which pricked my interest too.

    Now… the game is called Aces of the Luftwaffe so I would expect some German accents in the game which is perfectly fine. But the main protagonists in the game are supposed to be American. They all have German accents… why? Surely the devs could have found some American exchange actor students who were dying to do some voice overs. They would have probably done it for free too so they can add to their CV. Although the accents were all wrong apart from the Nazis they were recorded well and the sound engineering was done well. From the sounds of the planes and explosions to the music I really wasn’t too disappointed in it.

    With the game having a levelling system and the ability to unlock new planes plus the different difficulties the replay ability on this game is ok. It’s a great game to just stick on and shoot. The loading times are not huge so if you have a spare few minutes you can pop it on and raise your levels. The price tag isn’t huge either so someone with a few extra quid in their account should probably pick this game up if you are a fan of this type of genre.

    A copy of the game was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 6.5
    Graphics 7.5
    Audio 6
    Replay Value 6.5
    Value for Money 6.5
    Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron

    All in all this game is a fun little shooter. Flying through the skies of Europe and America shooting down lunatic Nazi scientist in UFOs can’t be a bad thing. Right? Let’s hope they re-record the bloody Americans though..

    • Good graphics
    • Great audio and music
    • Fun concept
    • German sounding Americans
    • A bit repetitive

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