Action News Heroes Review.

Action News Heroes is produced by Krewe studios. This game is a top down multi directional shooter you play the part of a mercenary fighting an evil organisation through a series of hotspots in different locations all the while you are being filmed for a tv show for the entertainment of viewers around the world. Is Action News Heroes a headliner? Read on to find out.

  • Dev: Krewe Studios
  • Pub: Krewe Studios
  • Release Date: 27/7/16
  • ESRB Rating: Teen
  • Players: 1-2 local
  • Download size: 3.46 GB
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Price: $9.99
  • The locations range from mining towns to residential areas to the north pole each area has specific tasks to complete and at the end of each level a big boss to defeat. The enemies range from simple two shot kills to rocket shooting bullet sponges. This game can be played with one or two players, at the start of the game you get to choose between several different mercenaries each has different health pools and movement speeds. Controls in the game are simple to get the hang of with the left stick controlling movement and right stick aiming your weapon. you carry two primary weapons and you also have the use of grenades and a special weapon for when things get really tough.

    This is a fast paced game made even more urgent by the ratings system, as you are being filmed you need to keep your viewers attention. This is done in a number of ways from killing enemies, destroying buildings and objects. Killing different enemies will get you different ratings once defeated. Taking damage reduces your ratings and if your ratings hit zero its game over. While playing your way through each level there are also many pickups to collect from wads of cash, fast food items for health to extra lives and shields.

    action news heroes 2

    At the end of each level once you have completed the criteria you can call out the big boss, these bullet sponges have different attack patterns which you have to learn to over come to defeat. Once the boss is defeated you are paid for your service and any cash you have collected along the way is added to that sum. This can be used to purchase new weapons and abilities to take into your next challenge these range from new rifles, light machine guns, rocket launchers and shotguns. You can also purchase improved grenades and special weapons.

    This game is a fun little shooter it has an uptempo techno soundtrack that works really well as you are blasting through your enemies, most objects are destructible and with a little skill can be used to kill your opponents, although in some cases you have to be careful as the debris can obstruct your movement. The graphics are a little dated with some of the scenery making difficult to see your attackers especially at the bottom end of the screen.

    action news heroes 1

    Action News Heroes works really well as a fast paced shooter, there is some replay value as you can go back through old levels with your updated weapons on cash runs. At the beginning of the game the learning curve is a little steep but once you get to grips with the ratings system it offers a reasonable challenge.

    [Edit] Since my review the game has had a few items polished, there are now a number of markers on the map so that you can make sure you are going in the right direction to get to the end of the level. Some of the weapons have also been looked at like the flamethrower which now does more damage, this means there are a lot more options in regards to how you want to play. It’s great that krewe studios are still taking on board feedback for this game and making changes and as I said before this is a great little game made better by the changes that have been made.

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