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Adventures of Pip is developed and published by Tic Toc Games. ‘Pip — the ultimate digital underdog – is a lowly single pixel in a 32-bit world who proves that you can’t judge a hero by the fidelity of his shaders. During the game, Pip gains the ability to evolve and grow by absorbing pixels from his fallen foes. Those same pixels can then be used to blast through environment puzzles and enemies, devolving Pip back to a single pixel. Players will explore five stylized worlds and experience up to 10 hours of epic adventure saving Pip’s village from the evil Queen DeRezzia.’

Adventures of Pip is definitely a platformer that sets itself apart from the rest with its unique gameplay and mechanics. With inspiration taken from other platformers as well it makes for a nice, fun game to play. After an introduction to the world players are thrown into the game as Pip. The single pixel in a 32-bit world where the more wealthy you are the higher resolution you are. A very interesting and different take on a game world which is something I have never seen before, definitely setting the game apart from others. The first level is a very basic tutorial that introduces you to the controls and advances the plot a bit more before putting you into the game for real.

Now, once the player has done that you get to see the game for real; having a view of the game world on a map where you can pick the level to play (either the next one or previously completed ones) or go back to the town where you played the tutorial. The map where you select the levels has definitely taken inspiration from Mario with the style of the map and how it is all split into ‘worlds.’ When playing through the first world you will come across a ghost who introduces Pip to his first ability which is where the game becomes the unique platformer it is. Rather than being a single pixel Pip becomes 8-bit! He grows in size but gains new abilities such as being able to cling to walls and punch enemies at the cost of his agility and ability to fit in small areas. Pip also becomes noticeably more detailed. This transformation isn’t permanent though; Pip can devolve back to his single pixel form and evolve using the pixels of enemies he defeats, adding a unique and new gameplay element that changes the way you play the levels and make your way around. There are more evolutions to Pip that you’ll find later.

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Each level also has 3 people to find which have been lost since the attack on the town. Some of these townspeople can only be reached by certain evolutions and others may even unlock shops for Pip to buy upgrades from. These shops can be found in the town and sell upgrades from health bonuses to being able to use higher evolution ablities while devolved. These abilities also help defeat enemies on the levels which come in many varieties. Most of the enemies are bug like and will usually run on a fixed pattern, others will chase Pip when in range or fire projectiles at him. Besides that there are also traps on the levels which places Pip in a lot of danger and can require a bit of consideration, especially when going to find the townspeople.

At the end of each world Pip will also have to face a boss. Each boss will have specific attack patterns that change and need to be figured out as the fight progresses. Certain evolutions and abilities will work better against bosses so you get plenty of variety in how you need to take on the bosses. The same goes for enemies, with 8-bit Pip some enemies will be easier to defeat than if you were just a single pixel due to the punch ability.

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Gameplay 9
Graphics 8.5
Audio 8.5
Replay Value 8
Value for Money 7.5
Adventures of Pip

Summary: Adventures of Pip is a unique and very fun platformer that sets itself apart from the other games in a genre where just about everything has been done. The world and gameplay is one-of-a-kind and done extremely well. Boss battles are fun and a humorous tone to the plot just adds to that fun feeling. Nice classic visuals and inspiration taken from other classic platformers is really the icing on the cake. There is a nice soundtrack which is of very good quality and captures the mood of each world. The only downside to the game is limited re-playability since once all of the levels are completed and all the townspeople are saved then you have little else to do other than get all of the upgrades which you won't probably need by that point unless you plan on a speed run.

  • Unique gameplay
  • Nice soundtrack
  • Fun levels
  • Limited replayability

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