Afterglow AG 9+ Prismatic Wireless Headset Review

The Afterglow AG 9+ is a full wireless headset that is an upgraded version of the AG 9, with on ear controls, bass boost and changeable lighting options, How does the AG 9+ perform? read our review below..

On the box:

  • Plug & Play setup: Up to 40ft wireless connectivity
  • Powerful 50 mm drivers: Two distinct audio modes
  • Rechargeable battery: Up to 16 hrs
  • Ultra comfort for long gaming sessions
  • Removable & flexible noise cancelling mic
  • Signature LED lighting in prismatic or blackout mode

USB Transmitter in front USB slot on Xbox One S

As mentioned above, the AG 9+ is an upgraded version of the AG 9 Headset, it features 100% true wireless connectivity, using only a USB transmitter that you simply plug into any of your Xbox One USB ports. to connect the headset you press and hold the power button to turn it on and after 2-3 seconds it will sync to the transmitter, it’s that simple. Other features that have changed include the ability to change the back light colour of the ear cups. to do this you simply press and hold the mode button and the lighting will cycle through different colours, simply let go of the button once it reaches the desired colour. You can also turn off the lighting the same way as once it’s cycled through the colours it will turn off the colours before starting over.

The padding has also had an overhaul compared to the AG 9, as the cloth covered foam on the headband is now one full piece instead of being in two separate sections, and gone have the ugly looking faux leather ear cup covers, now replaced with the same cloth as used on the headband, making for a more comfortable experience with no sweaty ears. The AG 9+ also features a chat/game volume mixer along side the master volume control wheel, both are situated at the rear of the left ear cup.

The aforementioned mode button is also used for switching between the two audio settings, pressing the button will give an audible tone that differs slightly between the two modes which are “pure audio” and “bass boost” you’ll also find the mic mute button on the left side of the headset which is the same button used for power on/off the headset, pressing and holding for a few seconds will power on/off the headset, while a quick press will mute/unmute the microphone, an audible tone is heard for this too. The microphone is also detachable.

the headband is fully adjustable, so you can adjust it to fit any head size, although the sliding parts here do feel a little flimsy. the comfort level of the headset is pretty good, the cloth ear covers, as mentioned earlier help keep your ears from getting sweaty and to say that the headset has 50 mm drivers and a rechargeable battery on board is feels lighter than you would expect. It is stated that the battery life is around 16 hours and I can be sure to say that this is true. You can charge the headset using the USB cable supplied, that is also long enough to connect to the headset and charge whilst still in use, recharge time is pretty quick too, around 20-30 minutes. There’s also a 3.5 mm cable supplied so you can use the headset with mobile devices too.

The audio quality is surprisingly good for a wireless headset, pretty clear across the board with no interference, the bass boost produces some really deep bass for those that love the low end stuff. The mic quality was tested in an Xbox One party where it was said that although I came through loud and clear, it was a little “echoey”. The headset is available for Xbox One & PS4 in both black and white colours, and can be used with mobile devices via the supplied 3.5 mm cable.

This product was supplied for the purpose of this review
Audio 9.7
Build quality 8
Comfort 10
Value for money 9.5
Afterglow AG 9+ Wireless Headset

A true wireless headset for $99.99 (around £80) is a bargain. Extremely comfortable with great audio to boot. The AG 9+ is a great entry level wireless headset that is worth every penny, it's only flaws are its mic quality and headband adjusters that feel a little weak. Costing no more than its predecessor and with the changes that have been made make it a must buy if you're looking for a true wireless headset on a budget.

  • Great audio.
  • Very Comfortable.
  • Good battery life, and can be recharged while in use.
  • mic sounds a little echoey
  • headband adjusters feel a little weak.

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