Alekhine’s Gun Review

Alekhine’s Gun is developed and published by Maximum Games. It is the height of the Cold War, a time of global uncertainty and civil unrest. You are Agent Alekhine, a highly skilled Russian assassin working alongside American CIA agents in a covert operation unsanctioned by the country you have served. With the tension of a nuclear standoff growing with each passing minute, your mission is clear…though how you accomplish it is anything but.

Going in to Alekhine’s Gun I was hoping that it would be the game that was going to give Hitman a run for its money. However, it soon becomes quite clear that there is something not quite right about Alekhines’s Gun, the character movements are stiff, the lighting is far too dark with no way of adjusting it and the frame rate drops quite often. It gets frustrating quite early on and you will spend the majority of your time bumbling around in pitch black areas trying see if there are any items to pick up or doors that can be opened.

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The story is probably the only real plus to this game although that too is let down by bad voice acting, along with the poor quality images that make up the main cutscenes. there are times the game’s narrative is played out in the game itself, but the featureless characters that open and close their mouths to the voice over like a bad sock puppet just make you want to skip it. Coupled with the bugs, of which I experienced a few. Being spotted by a guard while way out of his field of vision, and a lift (elevator) that glitched and became un-usable during the second mission to name a few, make the whole experience terrible.

It is a shame, as the core of the game is quite good. With freedom to complete each mission in a variety of ways, using different methods and tactics to move around and kill your target, there’s even the possibility to make the target’s death look accidental. There’s also a handful of mini games such as the lock picking, that add a little variety. Visually, Alekhine’s Gun is poor. Mainly because the dark areas are just far too dark for you to see anything at all, and the character models are far too similar and bland. And would have been better suited being released ten years ago or more. The audio fairs a little better with the games music setting a decent tone to the environments, where as the voice acting leaves little to be desired.

Gameplay 6.5
Graphics 5
Audio 5.5
Replay Value 5
Value for Money 4.5
Alekhine's Gun

Summary: Alekhine's Gun Should have been a nice alternative to Hitman, unfortunately its decent story is too over shadowed by its faults, stiff character movements, bad voice acting and terrible lighting. It just feels rushed. Maximum Games should have done one of two things with it. Either left it in development and gave the game some much needed polish worthy of its £39.99 price tag, or released it as a 'retro game' with a much more fitting £15-£20 price tag.

  • Core gameplay has potential
  • story
  • Bad voice over
  • graphics are too dark with no option to alter them
  • stiff characters

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