All-Star Fruit Racing Review

All-Star Fruit Racing is a gorgeous looking simple kart racing game. But is it ripe enough to hold up to some of the greats? I don’t think so but it still is a fun little game to own.

All-Star Fruit Racing is just as you would expect within the genre so it didn’t disappoint. With multiple cups to enjoy in the offline mode that include loads of tracks from really awesome looking islands that are all themed around fruit. Keeping in the fruit tree all the racers are also centred on fruit with each having their own special ability, a personal favourite of mine is the Shark Water Melon attack. From Strawberry to Avocado you won’t be disappointed if you are a fruit fan, I for one am not a fruit fan, I like steak. But I don’t think All Star Meat Racer would be as colourful, and fruit seems less messy.

You have a personal kart that you can customise with wheels, decal and colour with more that comes available through unlocks in the career mode. There are quite a few modes to play in the game from normal races to eliminations where the last racer gets kicked off every few minutes. The tracks are awesome looking and really smooth to drive, I already have a few of my favourites and I head onto time attack mode to try and destroy the times set for me. The game also has an online mode however during the review no online matchups could be found so I am hoping the online community grows as I believe it would be a great game to play with real people. The AI is good, but I found it quite easy to beat in most races. The only things that really let it down are in the graphics and audio department.

The graphics are mostly good from the animations of all the individual special abilities to the jumping animations as your driver holds on for dear life to the steering wheel. Load times are huge and found myself getting annoyed by the game having the reload with the large load times even if I am just restarting the last track. Why? Also there is a few frame rate drops at the beginning of races. Seems to be the only times its noticeable thankfully. All in all the graphics are good looking and fresh it definitely encompasses the theme of fruit.

The music on the other had has its ups and downs. Some songs were great and it was awesome that tracks had their own theme however some tracks were just god awful and annoying. Some even played all the way through and didn’t repeat which just left no music playing for the rest of the race. Some sound effects didn’t make sense too. There is a chomping noise on a few of the maps. Now I don’t know whether or not that was a glitch or an actual sound effect but I couldn’t see where the noise should be coming from. If it is a real sound effect why would you even bother to put in a sound effect that you can’t even see the source?

The game has some good replay ability in the sense that the sheer number of tracks and variants of each of them brings in a unique feel to each race. That coupled with the fact the only way to 100% complete this game is to unlock everything by playing career mode. The value is good. The amount of content you get for the price is brilliant and shouldn’t disappoint the kart racer fan.

Gameplay 7
Graphics 7
Audio 6.5
Replay Value 7
Value for Money 7
All-Star Fruit Racing

All-Star Fruit Racing is a fun game that should be suited to either the Kart racer fan or children. Personally I enjoyed it but it got a little stale after a while. I hope the multiplayer kicks off as I would like to try it out. We shall just have to wait and see.

  • Colourful Racetracks
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Individual Abilities
  • Loads of Content
  • Slight Framerate Drops
  • Music
  • Sound Effect Glitches

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