Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Review

Dev: Panache Digital Games
Pub: Private Division
Released: 08/11/19
Players: 1
Size: 5.37 GB
Price: £32.99/$39.99/€39.99
Xbox One X Enhanced: No

There’s always a want for something new when it comes to games, and Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey does just that with the survival genre. You’re put in charge of a group of Hominids and have to adapt, learn and ultimately evolve them.

Doing so is no easy feat, as there’s no hand holding from the game at all, you have to use your initiative to learn new things, from food and drink to creating tools and more. Taking the tools as an example, you can take branches and strip them to for a very basic weapon. Using the bumper buttons to try and strip the branch takes timing, pull on it too hard and you’ll break it, not hard enough and you’ll do nothing. there’s a very small audible clue when playing on the easiest setting. though to experience the game at it’s best, you can turn off all clues and the HUD.

You also have the use of senses, from examining things in the world, you can then spot them from a distance. You can also use smell and audio senses to find things including ‘outsider’ Hominids and even other creatures that are quite often a threat.

Learning new things will give you neuro points to spend in what is essentially a skill tree, although you can only ‘lock in’ a certain amount of these to carry over to the next generation, and so on to evolve your lineage. You have to interact with the other Hominids in your group to form couples and families to keep the lineage going. You can only progress to the next generation if you have babies in your group.

The visuals are stunning, there’s lots of detail in every corner of the environment. Making very immersive, the gameplay is a little tricky, as I said earlier. Though the controls make things a little tougher, especially when trying to interact with objects, for me this was the biggest disappointment of the game, as it did get a little frustrating at times.

Traversing through the environment also suffers a little bit, with all aspects of the terrain climbable, there’s often a few spots where you can get caught up and snap on bits of rock etc. I found this mostly annoying when trying to escape from predators. The audio though is superb from all the sounds you would expect through to the bits of music that play throughout the game at key points.

A copy of the game was provided for this review by the developer/publisher

Gameplay 6.5
Graphics 9
Audio 10
replay value 7.5
Value for Money 8.5
Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Ancestors once I got the hang of what I was supposed to be doing. Though the clumsy interactions and controls let it down a little. Though if you're a survival fan you should definitely give it a look.

  • Great Immersion
  • Survival elements
  • clumsy controls

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