Bard’s Gold Review

Bard’s Gold is a platforming dungeon crawling type game, In this game you can play in three different game modes. Normal where you start off with three lives,gain the lowest amount of gems and isn’t randomly generated. You also have checkpoints in this type too and also contains skill books which you can spend the rest of your gems when you die into levelling up the skill books. This is the same with retro except it’s you start with 2 lives. The skill books also have effect in this game type, You earn more gems per kill on average in this game type too.

  • Dev: Pixel Lantern
  • Pub: Pixel Lantern
  • Release Date: 17/6/16
  • PEGI Rating: 3
  • Players: 1
  • Size: 200.21 MB
  • Genre: Platformer
  • Price: £3.99
  • Rogue-Like has different layouts for each level and is randomly picked out for each time you play,you have three hits until its game over and you have to restart in this mode there is no checkpoint so you have to restart from level 1-1 each time and is continuously randomly generated. The replay-ability of the game is quite high considering you can learn the layout of certain levels understand what certain enemies attacks and know where all the secrets that are located.

    The game itself in my opinion has a high verity of different things the play needs to conquer to become good enough to finish the game. Even though it is quite slow paced and is easily misplaced to be easy, it’s not. The instant death mechanic of both Normal and Retro makes the game much harder than it already is with a range of enemies and bosses. Another feature which is interesting but frustrating for players is that there is no tutorial for the game and the items that you buy in the shop which will help you progress through the game. You also need to keep a careful eye on the timer too, After the three minuets are over fireballs begin to fall from the sky this is too keep the game not too slow paced but slow enough that it feels satisfying to finish a level or boss battle within the allotted time.

    bards gold 1

    The slow pace game that is Bard’s Gold can be unique almost every time you play it feels like I’ve never played any of the levels I’ve seen even after spending a good 5 hours playing it in one run. The way people should start to play this game is with tolerance of the instant death and unlocking skill books as i have only collected skill books from bosses. Many new players will feel like they need to rush when you really have to take your time with the game as there are traps that can easily catch you off guard like many times the game has done to me with spikes appearing from platforms, the thing about this game that i like about most dungeon crawlers is that you can memorise and understand what might be where and what enemies will appear at certain points.

    Another mechanic that is considerably important in this game is double jumping. You will have to learn how to jump at certain times over certain enemies with the constant persistence that some have with trying to kill you. It is also crucial to remember that you can use the right stick to look up and down allowing you to see where you will jump to or land as you could just have poor luck and have to do the level all over again.

    Overall the games mechanics are great and are easy to adapt to, however I think the only thing that needs tweaking the most is the visuals of the game not the initial graphics of the game itself as they are quite nice and smooth unlike the interface of not only the start menu but while you are playing the game too. I think personally that it needs to look less like a mobile game with the interface, and more slick or streamlined into a fully fleshed arcade game. I think it has really high potential if they made these few little edits to the game.

    Bards Gold 2

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    Gameplay 7.5
    Graphics 6
    Audio 5.5
    Replay Value 8
    Value for Money 9
    Bard's Gold

    Summary: I believe the replay-ability of the game can be quite high if you are into these types of games which are hard and gives you a great sense of achievement when you have finished a level you were stuck on or you had finished a boss fight that took hours to finish. The amount of fun you can have on this game is dependant on how patient you are with a game as challenging as this. The very little background story that is added by the developers is also charming and lets people have some reason to want to play the game to see what happens to the goblin at the end after walking through hours of hard game play and small time satisfactory moments.

    • Replay-ability
    • Challenging gameplay
    • Interface/HUD
    • Repetitive music

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