Baseball Riot Review

Baseball Riot is the sequel to Tennis in the Face which was released by 10Tons in 2012 this physics based puzzler is sure to find it’s feet on Xbox One.

You play as Gabe Carpaccio who was injured after taking a ball to the knee which has reduced him to sell used sporting goods, his old team has been bought by Explodz Inc (an energy drink company) and changed the name to Oddington Electrolytes, Gabe reads about this in the paper and loses it. Starting the fight between Gabe and the evil Explodz Inc, in a bid to win back his former team mates!


In Baseball Riot the aim of the game is to bounce the baseball off objects and walls to hit the enemies, obstacles like glass can be in your way, if you break the glass your baseball instantly disappears this is also the case for explosion cases and pointy metal. Each enemy will have different characteristics which include:

  • Fan – a basic fan character who you can take out by simply hitting them with the ball.
  • Fielder – wears a large glove which can catch your baseball, you have to hit these in the legs, body or back to knock them out.
  • Umpire – wears full frontal armour, you have to hit these in the back to knock them out although sometimes a leg shot may work.
  • Hipster – like the Fan you can knock these out by simply hitting them with the ball.
  • Explodz Investor – again like the Fan and Hipster can be knocked out by simply hitting with the ball.
  • Riot Hipster – this character carries a shield and needs to be hit from the rear to be knocked out.
  • Scientist – quite possibly the most annoying enemy in the whole game this character is in a yellow hazmat suit, you have to hit them twice, once to get rid of the suit then again to kill them.

The game is split up into 8 regions with an enemy type for each region, the last region is a mix of all previous enemies which makes it one of the trickiest regions in the game, each region has a “Baseball Field” which will show you your stats for that region and also has 2 “missions” which are achievements you can unlock during that region and like the different enemy types are region specific.


Baseball riot has some added features i really enjoyed, when you restart a level it keeps your cursor wherever you had it last so you can take the last shot again if it was a decent shot but you had messed the previous one up, you can also press Y to restart the level at any time, thus meaning you use less balls which can help towards achievements or give you extra chances to attain 3 stars!

Gameplay 6.5
Graphics 6
Audio 6
Replay Value 7
Value for Money 9.5
Baseball Riot

Summary: Baseball Riot is a extremely addictive and fun physics puzzle game which can offer a lot of replay value at a price of £3.99 it isn't exactly breaking the bank and it's offering over 100 levels, I wouldn't actually change a thing about this game its exactly what it should be and does what it should extremely well! it's due for release Today 09/12/2015 and is a must as a stocking filler for Christmas!

  • Easy to play
  • Good family game
  • Addictive
  • Game physics vary at times

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