BATTLESHIP is a re-invention of the classic board game, with a dynamic 3D board, featuring the classic turn based mode, as well as the all new Clash at sea mode. So is BATTLESHIP a direct hit, or a big fat miss? Read our review below to find out..

  • Dev: Frima Studios
  • Pub: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: 2/8/16
  • PEGI Rating: 7
  • Players: 1-2
  • Download size: 1.6 GB
  • Genre: Card & Board
  • Price: £11.59
  • So, those of you of a certain age will remember playing this on a Sunday afternoon, family gathered round taking it in turns to ‘fire’ at each other. Either playing it the ‘cheap’ way with grids drawn out on paper, or if you were lucky you had the proper board game that had the section in the middle so you couldn’t look at each others grids, and on the other hand couldn’t be seen moving your plastic ship to another spot and pretending your opponent had missed when they had really hit you.

    The classic turn based game mode is present, in which you take turns at aiming for a spot on the 10×10 grid and hoping for a hit. If you manage a hit a red ‘peg’ will be visible on the board and if you miss a white peg is visible. Very simple to understand and play. You can play against A.I or human opponents with Online play available too, although the online portion of the game is poorly populated and takes some time to get a game going.

    battleship 3

    There’s also a new game mode which spices things up a bit. Clash at Sea mode gives each available ship different attacking abilities, as well as locating abilities. this mode is alot more about strategy and knowing when to save your shots and skip a turn and when to go all out attack. You could be saving points to use on your carrier only for it to be destroyed during your opponents next turn, it’s very tactical and works very well.

    There’s another peg added in this game mode that being green, this peg denotes that you have detected a ship, but not damaged it. All of the moves made in game are portrayed via the screen at the top of the board which plays animations along with what is happening in game, blow a ship up and you will see said ship explode and begin to sink. This works well, and adds that little something extra to keeping the game interesting. The game also features un-lockable fleets and skins to use in versus mode.

    battleship 4

    For those that like to play alone, BATTLESHIP also features a single player campaign mode, in which you are presented with a number of scenarios via on screen text and vary from being ambushed and losing some ships at the get go, having low ammo and receiving less moves per turn and having to destroy all enemy ships within a set amount of turns, to name a few. The campaign is all played out using the Clash at Sea game mode.

    The gameplay is quite smooth, although I did encounter a bug in which, if the timer ran out for my turn and the animation at the top of the screen was still playing the game would be stuck on my turn ending with no way of skipping, resulting in having to restart the game. I played a few games online and quite happily whittled away several hours in doing so, quite fun and competitive. A great game to play while having a bit of a laugh with your friends, be it online or local multiplayer.

    battleship 1

    A download code was provided for this review
    Gameplay 8.5
    Graphics 8.5
    Audio 6
    Replay Value 7
    Value for Money 8

    Summary: BATTLESHIP is an enjoyable experience, if you can avoid the bug that freezes the game, it's quite nostalgic for those that remember playing it as a child in its original form. If you're looking for a family game that has a bit of longevity then give BATTLESHIP a try.

    • great nostalgic family game
    • annoying music
    • bug that causes game to freeze

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