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Ben 10 by Torus Games and Outright games is a cartoony side-ish scrolling game where you’re taking on some of Ben 10’s enemies from the Cartoon Network show. The fact that I just learned that it was actually a show and not some sort of one-off indie game actually adds to the disappoinment of the game as a whole, and I guess shows my age. You take the role of Ben Tennyson, a snotty pre-teen (I assume) who somehow has the ability to transform into a variety of aliens to fight through a variety of enemies and bosses. You’re on vacation with your sister Gwen, who you gather is the smart one from the cut scenes, and your grandpa Max, when you accidentally destroy your tent with your alien superpowers which right there is the proof he shouldn’t have them.

On a trip to get a new tent in town you come across the first big boss Zombozo who is stealing the happiness from the townsfolk. Naturally you’ll fight the clowns and somehow this is normal and your grandpa lets you go off and do this, no big deal. Heading through town you’ll fight waves of enemies unlocking some of the 10 aliens you’re able to transform into and eventually fighting Zombozo himself. It’s pretty standard and gets kind of repetitive after a little bit.

You can unlock upgrades for the enemies but that just really makes their standard attacks more damaging. Once you beat Zombozo you can rinse, lather and repeat two more times for Queen Bee and Weatherhead Prime unlocking the rest of your alien friends on the way to a total of ten to use. Once done you can go back and find all the Sumo Slammer cards to fulfill your achievement grind. Other than that once you beat the game there doesn’t really seem like there’s any reason to go back in and fight the same enemies over and over again other than to get the cards or to get the achievements.

From reading up on the game while it’s the tenth console release, first for Xbox One, it’s got the least amount of bosses to fight at 3. It also is only single player which would make you think that it’d be a cheap buy, well there too you’d be wrong. It’s a hefty $29.99 for what you get which isn’t much. The cartoony gameplay is good looking with no lag/bugs/whatever but you really need to be a fan of the show I’m guessing to enjoy playing it, and you need to have some disposable income to pay that much especially with games like Pubg coming out for $29.99 soon.

A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
Gameply 6
Graphics 6
Audio 5
Replay Value 3
Value for Money 2
Ben 10

At $29.99 and the only reason to replay the game is to go back and get an achievement or two, this is an easy skip unless you're a HUGE fan of the game and $30 to waste on something other than Mountain Dew and Doritos.

  • Fun cartoony graphics
  • Quick 1000 for achievement hunters
  • Price is way to high
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Short game

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