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‘Smash down trails, launch huge jumps, pull off insane tricks, win tons of gear, build amazing trails and challenge your friends to be the King of the Mountain! Bike Mayhem 2, the sequel to its’ hugely successful predecessor that was downloaded over 7 million times!’

Bike Mayhem 2 is a 2D bike racing game published by Goldmark Studios which uses licensed brands to bring you a fun and challenging experience which (In my opinion) feels like Trials on a BMX without being as difficult too. In Bike Mayhem 2 there are plenty of tracks to choose from for the main game. You start off on some tutorial levels which are extremely easy and then works its way up to more challenging levels which require the player to know their bike, the track and game very well. Besides the base tracks players can also create their own tracks in an editor and publish them online for other players to compete on.

The gameplay is very simple, using basic controls and a simple layout which still gives the player plenty of options while playing the game, especially for what it is. There are only two game modes besides the level editor, Time Trails and Trick Trails. In Time trails you have to get to the finish in the fastest possible time, and in Trick trails you have to complete as many tricks to score as many points as possible. You get plenty of levels as mentioned before each progressing in difficulty which after finishing you get rated on by how many stars you earn out of three, depending on your time or trick score. Players can also customise their character with different choices of clothes, and change their bike wheels and chassis. Changing the bike isn’t purely for looks like the player however, each chassis and set of wheels have their own stats and advantages to each trail type and can affect how well you run through each course. For example, if you use a bike more suited to tricks and hop height you won’t perform as well as a bike with acceleration and speed when playing a time trail.

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Bike Mayhem also has (as previously mentioned), a level editor. Here players can create a track in a variety of environments and use them to challenge other players and friends that own the game. When level editing it is very simple since you already have the track length set and a template ready for you, all you have to do is edit the terrain. Editing the terrain can be done in a variety of ways; you can use some of the pre set shapes to add and remove land, varying in size/angle. Players can also smooth and make the terrain rougher, add foliage and ‘props’ such as makeshift ramps rather than editing the land to make them. Once the level is made you must complete the track for it to be uploaded; besides this you must also complete it within a certain time or score a certain amount of points from tricks to decide what type of trail it becomes. After completing all the requirements for a ‘mountain’, you are free to upload the level and play online.

The game uses semi-realistic visuals, mixed with a bit of a cartoon look which works well with the game. Nothing feels out of place and everything is clear as well as easy to tell what is part of the track and is simply background. There is a fast paced rock soundtrack but this is only used on the main menu. It is kind of disappointing that there is nothing else besides the crowds cheering and the bike sounds while in the actual levels of the game. It makes the levels feel kind of empty at times and it is really a shame because the lack of a consistent soundtrack that gives the game a bit more personality is all it is really lacking because everything else is done well. Yes, there could be improvements but for an indie 2D racer it is extremely well done.

Goldmark Studios provided a download code for this review
Gameplay 9.5
Graphics 8
Audio 3
Replay Value 9
Value for Money 8.5
Bike Mayhem 2

Summary: When you think 2D racer and bikes you usually think Trials but Bike Mayhem 2 has the potential to join it up there. The game features a solid challenge and requires careful consideration. Even an extremely experienced Trials player like myself will struggled on some of the tracks, which there is A LOT of. It features good customisation and makes the players carefully consider the type of bike they want to build for each challenge. Also, it is nicely rounded off with a level editor and the ability to play player levels online. Put simply, with the absence of new Trials content and the fact it is pretty fresh with some of the things in the genre such as building a bike tailored to the track, Bike Mayhem 2 is worth the money and well done, especially at the low price.

  • Plenty of content for players
  • Offers a stiff challenge
  • Decent customisation
  • Practically unlimited levels thanks to Level Editor
  • Lack of soundtrack whilst playing

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