Bionik Quickshot Review

Having been available in the US for some time, Bionik’s Quickshot is now available in Europe, but what is it exactly?

The Bionik Quickshot is a set of replacement controller grips that add not only a rubberised texture grip for better comfort and control, but also a trigger lock system that reduces the travel of triggers improving response time, giving players the ability to fire faster.

They come in a very smartly presented, high quality box, that reflects the product well. Not only do you get the replacement grips, but also a tool to remove your original ones without damaging the rest of your controller in the process. This is the only down side, although mainly due to the design of an Xbox One controller, there are a few clips holding the back in place that do require a good amount of force to pop them off, and again when attaching the Quickshots, you’ll need to line them up, and apply a good amount of pressure to make them click in to place. It can be daunting to someone that has never opened up a controller before.

That aside, once they’re in place they look good, the black textured plastic closely matches that of the controller (also available in white), with a mid grey colour to the grip area, setting it off nicely. The orange trigger locks are discreet though easily accessible. Speaking of which, to use them you just simply flip them from one side to the other, with an affirming click letting you know they’re in place. Both sides can be positioned independently, though I feel that the right trigger lock will have much more use than the left.

They work great in online shooters, reducing the travel of the trigger to half that of its normal travel, improving trigger response time letting you get an extra few shots off compared to normal. Here’s where I can only see an advantage to the trigger lock system, They definitely won’t work for driving games, or games that contain both shooting and driving i.e. open-world games. Though as mentioned you can simply flip the switch off if you’re in need of a quick getaway while playing games such as Far Cry New Dawn..

I did stress test the trigger locks too. Squeezing down on them as hard as I could with my trigger fingers, I honestly thought that I was going to see bits of orange platic ping out all over the place, but surprisingly they stood up to the test, so top marks there.

The grip is a big plus here too, there has been a lot of talk about the poor quality of Xbox’s Elite controller grips, with lots of stories about them coming away from the controller. While I haven’t had the Quickshots long enough to give them a good beating, they do seem relatively well made, and should last a while. I feel that because the gripped parts are set back from the connecting edges, they’re less likely to start lifting away like Elite controllers do.

Product was supplied for this review.

Build Quality 10
Comfort 9
Features 8
Value For Money 9
Bionik Quickshot

At around £15 / €20, they're probably worth investing in if you are finding it hard to justify the pricetag of an Elite controller, and play a fair amount of First Person Shooters. Or simply want to give your controller a butt-lift.

  • Great build quality
  • comfortable
  • improved firing time with trigger locks

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