Bridge Constructor Stunts Review

Bridge Constructor Stunts is the second Bridge Constructor title available on Xbox One but this time you not only build the bridges you perform cunning stunts along the way, will bridge constructor stunts collapse under it’s own weight? Read out Review to find out…

  • Developer: Clockstone Studio
  • Publisher: Headup Games
  • Release Date: 16/12/2016
  • PEGI Rating: 3+
  • Players: 1
  • Download size: 353.22
  • Category: Puzzle & Trivia
  • Price: £7.99
  • As mentioned above Bridge Constructor Stunts is the second bridge constructor title released on Xbox One, within the previous game you would be set the task of building a bridge for vehicles to drive over (AI operated) although in bridge constructor stunts you not only have to build the bridge you also have to drive a vehicle over it yourself, it isn’t as simple as that sentence makes it sound within the game you also have to collect certain items whether it be a golden screw or a green star which are placed in awkward to reach places in each level in which you have to build your bridge to perform a high-flying stunt and reach said item.

    Bridge Constructor Stunts will have you pondering unique ways to build a bridge and destroy one of the two trucks throughout the levels

    Really they should have called this Ramp Constructor Stunts as that’s really what you do, you build a ramp to perform a jump and in some instances build another ramp to help soften the blow on your landing. The first few levels are set out more like an off-road course with a few pre-built ramps for you to get used to driving your vehicle throughout the first few they introduce stars and golden screws so you become aware of what you need to collect in order to achieve a higher score, this also helps you deal with throttle control of the vehicle as you’ll soon realise simply flooring it may get you to the end of the level but won’t always let you achieve what you need to for each level. Eventually you’ll start building your bridges (ramps) and start figuring out what speed is required to reach the collectables This is where the bridge constructor aspect of the game really comes out, I found that certain bridges I built would work but I had to check my speed, sometimes perform front and backflips as the physics wasn’t as dead-on as I’d expected it would be, the first few levels with pre-built ramps gives a solid feel to the vehicle but when you’re accelerating up a flimsy bridge you’ve created yourself you’ll realise that it’s not all about going as fast or as high and even in some cases it isn’t about being slower and in control but that’s one of the things that really caught my eye when playing Bridge Constructor Stunts if you don’t like the way the vehicle is performing once it is leaving the ramp simply rebuild it and try a different angle or a taller ramp altogether!

    In each level you have to build your bridge to perform a high flying stunt and reach said item.

    Throughout the game you’re given different construction materials to use, wooden beams, steel girders and steel rope each material has it’s own unique strength and ability for example steel rope can be spread across a wide area, steel girders can hold a lot more weight and wooden beams well they are a cheap alternative as steel, the sky’s the limit with this game as far as letting your imagination run wild when building although you are limited to a set amount you can spend on materials per level, if you’re wanting to build large intricate ramps then using wood will be your best bet! And if you just want to power through to the end use a mixture of everything then play through it again to obtain all of the collectables, sadly the campaign is quite short with 6 “worlds” containing 5-6 levels in each of them nonetheless Bridge Constructor Stunts will have you pondering unique ways to build a bridge and destroy one of the two trucks throughout the levels.

    Gameplay 5.5
    Graphics 6.5
    Audio 7
    Replay Value 6
    Value For Money 6.5
    Bridge Constructor Stunts

    Bridge Constructor Stunts is a spin off from Bridge Constructor, although I believe it should be called “Ramp Constructor Stunts” it is an entertaining game which had me puzzled at times, the campaign could do with being double or triple the length but the price can reflect that, for anyone who likes construction this is a game you’ll play over and over.

    • Unique building
    • Enjoyable jumps and flips
    • allowa you to break the mould when designing a bridge and branch out to bigger better designs
    • Short Campaign

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