Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Review

  • Dev: Treyarch
  • Pub: Activision
  • Released: 12/10/18
  • PEGI/ESRB: 18/M
  • Players: 4 Local 1 – 88 Online
  • Size: 51.38 GB
  • Price: £59.99/$59.99/€59.99
  • Xbox One X Enhanced: Yes
  • Like many people I was surprised to hear Call of Duty Black Ops 4 wasn’t going to have an offline campaign, I’ve played the majority of the COD franchise and mainly for the campaigns, I’ve always been a fan of Nazi zombies and in my younger years I thoroughly enjoyed playing multiplayer with the lads and a big bag of cans, as I got older I quickly realised my reactions on FPS games didn’t come up to par with the younger generation and I was a little sick of hearing kids screaming down the mic. With CODBO4 being basically 3 different online multiplayer modes (yes I know you can play some of them against AI) I’m going to have to buckle up my belt and get ready to be told by some keyboard warriors that they have slept with my mother!

    The closest thing to a campaign is Specialist HQ and this is where everyone should start when playing Black Ops 4, you basically undergo training from 10 different specialists giving you training on the specific weapons they have been issued, the reason I’m saying everybody should check this out is down to the fact in multiplayer you select one of these specialists and have the special issue weaponry and equipment in your loadout, this is where you can choose the specialist to suit your play style my personal favorite was Battery she is a demolitions expert with a cluster grenade and a war machine special gun, you can also watch a dossier for each specialist and piece together the black ops 4 story in the specialist HQ menu of the game, it’s not much but it’s a nice little sort of smallish campaign? yes, I’m aware that I’m clutching at straws trying to find a campaign in this game! And yes we all know it doesn’t have a real one so, this will have to do.

    Blackout is the newest addition to the Call Of Duty universe, in a nutshell it’s a battle royale game mode like PUBG and Fortnite but with call of duty physics which for me was a perfect match, I managed to play quite a few solo’s and duals but never managed to grasp the number 1 spot, hiding out with snipers was my preferred method whilst playing and sadly it didn’t work out very well for me! Something that surprised me was the map layout with different elements of the multiplayer map being spread out across the island with an added nuketown island just off the coast, it kept everything feeling very call of duty, my only worry is how will they adapt on this game mode in the future? Hopefully, things will be changed up and keep a fresh feeling rather than it just blending into the background until it’s eventually forgotten about.

    Multiplayer has 2 new game modes being Heist and Control. Heist was my favorite you start out with a set amount of cash and have to buy your gear, it’s played in 4 stages in which you chase after the cash and try to extract it whilst preventing your enemies from doing so, kills and winning generate additional cash so you can upgrade your gear, if you’re playing badly with a bad team expect to play all 4 rounds with the most basic of pistol and limited ammo! Luckily whilst playing online although nobody really spoke I did manage to get a few decent games under my belt if you can get a team together and jump in a party this is one of the game modes you’d want to buckle down in to for the night! Control was the other new addition to multiplayer in which you have 2 points with a defending team and the other team attacking, you only have 25 deaths for your team and it’s the best of 3 matches, overall it was enjoyable but I feel for Control you would need a full team who can work together as playing online with people who don’t want to interact was a bit of a nightmare especially with captain rambo getting himself killed over and over thinking he can take on the full team by himself with a knife.

    Now as much as i love the campaigns in call of duty games i became a bigger fan of the zombie mode in which Treyarch made, from the world at war days right up until about black ops 1 I played each one to death, roundabout black ops 2 I started to realise things were getting a little complex and didn’t really stick to the original storyline in which I was hoping for so even though I checked them out they weren’t played until the early hours each night, I was quite nervous about the Black Ops 4 zombie mode, lots of new additions from the days I remember that looked confusing to me, I preferred the simplistic pick up your gun and perk then start shooting headshots from the hip until you’re at level 30 and giving it the big licks with your mates. But giving the rest of the game had impressed me I pressed on, the first map I dropped in to was a reimagined fan favorite called blood of the dead, I can’t remember the maps name from back in the day I think it was Alcatraz? But it’s basically the same thing with a few tweaks, I enjoyed playing through the classic map with the original (and best) crew although playing online with randoms who don’t talk was a little difficult, I am happy they reimagined an old-school map and really hope they decide to do more, now enough about the old ways of zombies and on to the new maps! IX throws you into something out of 300 with a gladiatorial element to it, it’s obviously not following the original zombies storyline but was enjoyable even though I died before reaching a wave I could brag about and then lastly you had voyage of despair which was set out on the Titanic, this was probably my favorite map to play and seemed the easiest to get to grips with! Also with zombies was a new game mode called Rush, you could play it on any of the maps, in Rush the classic story mode and easter eggs are out the window and it’s all down to killing zombies and collecting rush points, you’re going against other players in the game and you have to keep your multiplier going, you’re locked in areas until you progress through the waves so no paying for doors to get out of a tight spot! The best thing about this mode is that weapons, ammo, and perks are all free so you just grab and go! Although it is difficult, even on the lower difficulty levels, I’ve only managed to jump in with randoms online but I’m looking forward to jumping in with the boys and seeing who is the overall best!

    Gameplay 8
    Graphics 8.5
    Audio 8
    Replay Value 9
    Value For Money 8

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 was a surprise to me, i thought without a campaign the game wouldn’t be as appealing to me as the previous releases but i was wrong, it made me fall in love with the online elements again, blackout was a great addition to the game and the new zombie mode Rush was a great spin on the zombies side of things! I’ve enjoyed my time playing through Black Ops 4 but i do hope on the next installment they bring back a campaign and continue to add to the multiplayer elements like they have this time round!

    • New features are great
    • Blackout mode is a game changer
    • New multiplayer modes and zombie modes are a breath of fresh air
    • No Campaign

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