Call Of Duty World War 2 Review

  • Dev: Sledgehammer Games
  • Pub: Activision
  • Released: 03/11/17
  • PEGI/ESRB: 18/M
  • Players: 1-18
  • Size: 53.7 GB
  • Price: £54.99/$59.99/€35.99
  • Xbox One X Enhanced: Yes
  • Call Of Duty is a franchise that I used to adore before my reviewing days, the last call of duty I played was Black Ops 3 which I thought was decent but not a patch on the original Black Ops and BO2, World at War was probably one of my favourites simply for the introduction of zombies and then obviously Modern Warfare, sadly I fell out of love with the franchise and hadn’t picked up Advanced Warfare or Infinite Warfare, after infinite warfare I thought I wouldn’t be interested in a COD game again and then this little gem was announced, after hearing the news about COD WW2 I was mixed with emotions, I was worried they might ruin a World War 2 themed game but thankfully I had no reason to fret.

    It’s been a little while since I’ve played through a Call Of Duty campaign, I always bought the games for the campaign followed up by zombies or spec ops as my fall back if it didn’t deliver, the Campaign for Call Of Duty World War 2 did not disappoint, you start off on D day at the normandy landings, you have to fight your way through the beach which is guarded by pillboxes and what feels like 3459763495736 enemies, I kid you not this was the hardest part of the campaign for me and it was right at the start, it gave me the feeling they weren’t messing about and set the bar for the full campaign. You follow the story of Ronald “Red” Daniels and his brothers in arms fighting to preserve our freedom, based on events from Operation Overlord it’s packed with historical battles, I’m not going to go into too much detail with spoilers etc but what I can say is it’s one of the best campaigns yet, it plays as you would expect for a World War 2 era Call Of Duty game, I do wish reload times were slightly faster in the campaign but obviously that’s down to the technology of said weapons back in 1944.

    You will go from blood soaked vintage Call Of Duty gameplay to acting as a spy and memorising your cover story all in a bid to win the war, it does pull on your heart strings multiple times throughout and also shows the humanity of soldiers, I wasn’t expecting a few of the twists and turns that this dramatic first person shooter was bringing to the table but boy did it keep me interested, collectables come in the form of momento’s with multiples in each level, you can check the mementos tab right beside the mission select tab to see which ones are missiing, these can be any type of object, for instance, a small engraved nazi knife is one as well as a compass, these can be found throughout missions in a variety of places and make for a fun little side mission add on whilst playing. With this being the 5th World War 2 themed title within the COD franchise I would have to say the campaign is quite possibly the best, I’m not sure if you would agree with that but it’s down to personal preference and as we all know COD has its hardcore fans who stand by certain titles until death with eleven missions and a boatload of momentos to find you will be set for hours and hours of fun.

    This is the first title I have reviewed using my Xbox One X, so as you can expect I’ve found the artwork to be absolutely stunning, it’s the most detailed game I’ve played on a console but I have to take into account that this is on an Xbox One X and it is my first, if my opinion does change I will come back and edit this review, but for now i’m going to review it as it stood and say it was beautiful, the audio was what you usually get from a Call of Duty game with a lot more dialog in the online gameplay, this may have been something added since the BO2 days but it was new to me, couldn’t fault it in the slightest.

    The multiplayer is as you would expect it for a Call OF Duty game, I know a lot of you will purchase the game only to play multiplayer, personally I’m not very good at it but still like to take part, I will always be a “runner up” when playing online multiplayer but like to give it a shot, it comes with all of the usual standard game modes; Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Destroy, Free For All, Capture the flag etc and also has a multiplayer mode known as war which doesn’t really rank you on kills or deaths, it’s an objective based game mode in which you are usually attacking or defending and have 3 separate objectives to complete in order to win whether it be building a bridge or escorting a tank, I found this the most enjoyable out of the standard multiplayer list. The only thing I could find that I was unhappy about was the hardcore matchmaking list, you only have; Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Domination and Free For All, I was hoping to have Capture The Flag and Kill Confirmed in this list as they were my favourite hardcore modes to play, it’s not going to be a deal breaker for me but I was a little disappointed to see they weren’t available in hardcore mode, you also have a “featured” tab which offers a mode called Carentan 24/7 although without purchasing the season pass you can not play this mode, sadly I don’t have the season pass so can’t comment on this mode, I was a little disappointed to see paid for content pretty much straight after release, it would probably have been better to add it a little later.

    It’s a little different on how you select what you would like to play nowadays, instead of just a menu you now have Headquarters which is an interactive hub where you can select everything, for instance, if you go over to Major Howard you can select your daily/weekly orders upon completing these you will receive supply crates, armory credits or an XP bonus, you can also check your mail for any collectables that have dropped or go to the quartermaster to spend/purchase your CoD points along with spending your armory credits on contracts etc on top of this you have multiple other areas to visit such as training areas and prestige, I’m not going to go into too much detail, it’s a nice touch keeping things more interactive instead of a boring menu we used to have back in the day.

    As I’ve mentioned CoD points above I would like to talk abou them a little bit, you can purchase them in CODWW2 to purchase standard rare supply drops and zombie rare supply drop, you can obtain all of these supply drops through orders so you aren’t being pushed into buying cod points, it is obviously microtransactions which from the looks of it can become pricey, starting at £1.99 for 200 CoD points upto £84.99 for 13,000 cod points, something I did like is if you buy cod points in CODWW” you can also use them in COD Infinite Warfare, COD Modern Warfare Remastered and COD Black Ops 3, I’m personally not a huge fan of microtransactions but atleast with COD points you can use them in multiple games.

    Now onto the Nazi Zombies! When you first load up Nazi Zombies you’ll be asked to play through the prologue (my video for this will be above) you crawl your way through some sort of burning wreckage and find a building to hide in, in here you get to play a few waves of zombies showing you the ropes! The last time I played zombies was back in the blacktops 2 days in which you still had Juggernog to drink and a pack a punch machine! In essence, this is the same although things are named differently and the execution is different for instance instead of a Juggernog machine in which you drink something they now have machines you put your hand on to give you said performance stimulators, and they don’t just have a basic amount anymore!
    As Well as this you can select mods for your character which consists of 1 special then 3 extra modifications to go with it, the specials consist of; Camouflage, Freefire, Frontline, and Shellshock, you can also select 3 other modifications to go along with this which consist of universal mods and mods specific to your special mode, to unlock these you need to reach level 5 in zombies and you use Raven Tokens in the Raven Research tab to select which mod you want to unlock these are all a nice touch to go along with your multiplayer zombie settings, I can’t remember having anything like this in black ops 2 so it’s all a bit new to me but, I haven’t been disappointed with it. Along with mods and raven research you can also prestige in zombies, this again is new to me since I last played a zombies mode on call of duty and I’m really excited about sinking my teeth into it further and seeing how far you can excel with all of these extras!

    Now that we are done talking about all of the specifics we can get onto the zombies themselves! In Call Of Duty World War 2 Zombies you don’t just have zombies and dogs like back in the day, you now have different zombies who attack differently and a few big mother f***ers that look impossible to defeat these consist of standard zombies, Panzemorder, Brenner, and Wustling, if you’re an old-school zombie player like myself you’re going to have to adapt to take out as many as possible and get yourself through the waves of zombies! The best way I can describe the new zombies compared to the good old days when I used to play it was a bit like handing an older person who isn’t in touch with technology a smart phone, they will know how to use a phone but all the new fangled extras can be confusing, obviously once you master this you’re going to be cracking skulls and taking names just like you used to, it feels more of a storyline than a horde mode given you actually have what we used to call “easter eggs” as standard now, all in all, it’s got me engulfed and I’m not turning back anytime soon.

    Gameplay 9
    Graphics 9.5
    Audio 8.5
    Replay Value 9
    Value For Money 9
    Call Of Duty World War 2 Review

    Call Of Duty World War 2 has quite possible became my favourite call of duty to date, I was always a fan of the Black Ops campaigns/multiplayer and a massive fan of the World At War zombies, WW2 may have just taken my favourites for all of that, it’s beautiful artwork and dramatic campaign is not something to overlook mixed with it’s almost perfectly put together multiplayer options has made it a winner in my books, I would have liked to see a few tweaks here and there but thats just down to personal opinion, any first person shooter fan needs to check Call Of Duty World War 2 out.

    • Beautiful Artwork
    • Great value for money
    • Good replay value
    • One of the best Call Of Duty games to date
    • Hardcore matchmaking list is a little small
    • Difficulty level of first mission is off the charts

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