Cars 3: Driven To Win Review

  • Developer: Avalanche Software
  • Publisher: Warner Bros
  • Release Date: 14/07/17
  • PEGI/ESRB: 7/E10+
  • Players: 1-4
  • Download size: 7.3GB
  • Category: Racing & Flying
  • Price: £49.99/$59.99€59.99
  • Cars 3 Driven to win is a videogame based on the Cars 3 movie franchise, it’s packed full of your favourite characters from the film, I’ve always been a fan of the Cars franchise but never had the chance to check out one of the games associated with the franchise, I didn’t know what to expect I honestly thought it would be an average cartoon styled racing game with not much too it, alas I was wrong, after playing the game for a few hours I found myself addicted and constantly wanting to go back and complete the next cup series, the cup series is basically the campaign to the game set out as follows Rookie, Battle, Stunt Showcase, Takedown and lastly Mixed, each of these series have 3 cups available for you to win Racing, Pro and Champion so for instance in the Racing series you have Rookie Racing Cup, Pro Racing Cup and Champion Racing Cup each Cup consists of 3 races of type your standard racing is literally just a normal race, battle has weapons you can pick up and the aim if to shoot your enemies so you can reach first place, stunt showcase it littered with jumps in which you have to perform as many flips and tricks in the air to score the highest points you can also pop balloons containing extra points to help you gain the crucial points to win. Takedown is slightly different, whilst playing this mode you chase bots and have to blow up different waves of them from collecting weapon crates as you travel around the track, this was by far my favourite mode to play and has had me going back attempting to beat my scores! After all of these they have the mixed series which is exactly what it says a mixture of the other series race types you can select easy, medium and hard difficulty and believe me this isn’t an easy game, I found myself getting my backside handed to me on medium, I know right? A kids game! Maybe I’m just becoming too old and losing my skill!

    On top of this you can also play a random event and pick one of the many levels which you unlock throughout the game, when I say many, I mean LOADS, they just kept coming! I was only expecting about 10 but in total you will find 21, a lot more than i was expecting for a franchise video game! Within each level you will find shortcuts and boost pickups and on certain events needing weapons you can find weapon crates which contain anything from rockets, gatling guns and landmines to mortars and rocket boost engines use all of these against your opponents to slide into victory you can also use left stick left or right to transfer weapons from your opponents by bashing them (this also works to spin them out) if you’re struggling to pick up boost you can drift, drive backwards (press down on right thumbstick) or drive on two wheels (up on right thumbstick) to build up your turbo bar, you will also find different shaped pads on the ground throughout each track in which you can perform your tricks to build even more boost! If you fill your turbo mode you can press X twice which puts you “in the zone” basically you travel really fast and smash any vehicle out of your path in doing so, this can be extremely handy when you’re turning the difficulty up and struggling at the rear of the pack!

    That isn’t all that Cars 3: Driven to Win has to offer you will also find Master Level Events which is in the Events section, this section is usually like a exhibition mode for a quick race of your choosing although in the master Level you take on some of the best characters for said event, be it Miss Fritter in a grueling Battle Race or Mater The Greater in a stunt showcase, i played through a few of these on hard and wanted to cry, the difficulty scale is off the charts but it is within your reach if you manage to get to grips with the race type you’re playing. You will also find a Best Lap Challenge in the Events section which pits you against yourself racing to beat the best lap time you have produced whilst playing the game. You will also find a Hall Of Fame in which you gain skill points from performing certain tricks or tasks, whilst capturing these points you unlock extra characters to play as, levels and customisable vehicle parts along the way 136 skill points are available to achieve in total, from a single playthrough you should be able to nab around 75 – 80% of them you can also collect them whilst playing around in the free mode which is known as the Thomasville Playground in here you can pretty much mess around to get to know tricks and master your skills, it also has side challenges to boot and 10 red hats which once collected give you access to play as Mack from the movie! Along with mack you can select 22 other characters who are also in the movie franchise, these are all unlocked along the way from collecting skill points to completing cup series, just to note every event can be played with any of these characters and they can all be customised to a certain level be it the horn noise being changed, colour of the turbo flames or the neon lighting effects

    Visually the game is what you would expect, it looks as though it’s taken direct from the film, it hasn’t disappointed in that department especially with all of the levels being uniquely designed and vary in style/size along with backing tracks which make you think of the cars franchise, each track has a set backing track for itself which suits it down to a T nothing is overpowering or annoying the only fault i could find in the audio is that some of the voice actors sound like the actors from the film but sadly don’t cut the mustard of authenticity and if you really listen you’ll be able to notice it yourself, along with this the game itself doesn’t seem to be based on the film it just uses it’s characters etc to me that doesn’t bother me but i can see where some people would be upset.

    Gameplay 8.5
    Graphics 8
    Audio 8
    Replay Value 7.5
    Value For Money 6.5
    Cars 3: Driven To Win

    Cars 3: Driven To Win is a fantastic family friendly game it has options to make the game easier like Auto Drift which will make it fun for all the family young and old, with a wide variety of levels, game modes and challenges you will find yourself addicted for hours on end, this title has been marketed around the film which is obviously aimed at children but all gamers who enjoy racing games or games similar to the likes of mario kart should check it out!

    • Large character and level selection
    • Decent quantity of game modes
    • Voice actors aren’t from the film
    • Only local co-op

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