Clockwork Tales: of Glass and Ink Review

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Developed and published by Artifex Mundi, Clockwork Tales of Glass and Ink is a Puzzle based point and click game. ‘Delve into this exciting detective adventure game with a steampunk twist! Strange earthquakes are causing the world’s cities to crumble to ruin. The brilliant Dr. Ambrose Ink hopes to expose the underlying cause of this phenomenon, but he needs the assistance of his longtime friend, Agent Evangeline Glass. The heroine will have to storm the castle of the General Engineer of Gottland to find out the truth and stop the cataclysm.’

Clockwork Tales: of Glass and Ink is a very well put together game, with its story and gameplay merging together nicely within the very pleasant visuals of its steampunk world. It has a great mixture of puzzles to solve along the way, with hidden object games, jigsaw style puzzles and some logic based puzzles, that are all nicely balanced, and keep the variation in gameplay flowing as you play through.

Some of the puzzles require you to find certain objects in a different area to get them started, which encourages you to explore each scene more. With steam powered bugs to find along the way as collectibles too, which you are awarded a few achievements for doing so. I would highly recommend playing on the hard difficulty as it only takes away the on screen ‘twinkling’ that gives you some idea as to where you should be looking, and the recharge time for getting a direct hint of what to do next is extended by 30 seconds. Other than that the game is exactly the same, which is a shame as I would have expected slightly harder puzzles on a higher difficulty and maybe encouraging a second playthrough.


The story is also well scripted and keeps you interested in playing through the game, with some nice voice acting for the main characters, but is let down a little with some poor efforts on the voices of secondary characters. The visuals as I said earlier are nice, some very detailed hand painted styled scenes that add to the exploration of the game. The steampunk gadgets and gizmos that have been thought up are very impressive too (I really want to own a clockwork bug!) The music is a little relaxed with not much variation, although it does fit the overall flow of the game.

Upon completing Clockwork Tales of Glass and Ink, you unlock a bonus chapter in which you play as Ink during the events that lead up to him calling on the assistance of Evangeline. It has the same gameplay elements as the main game, but is only around a quarter of the length in play time and only takes place in the first couple of scenes. It is a nice touch if you want to know a little more of Ink’s story and what happens leading up to the arrival of Evangeline Glass.

Artifex Mundi provided a download code for this review
Gameplay 8
Graphics 8.5
Audio 7.5
Replay Value 5
Value for Money 8
Clockwork Tales: of Glass and Ink

Summary: Clockwork Tales of Glass and Ink is a good puzzle game at heart, although not overly challenging it can be completed within a few hours. It features a good story to keep it all flowing together nicely, and I recommend it to those that love their puzzle games.

  • Well thought out puzzles
  • Nice steampunk theme
  • lack of difficulty variation in puzzles
  • Can be completed quickly

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