Clouds & Sheep 2 Review

Clouds & Sheep 2 is a resource management game, where you tend to a flock of sheep, giving them food water and toys to keep them happy, You can also control the clouds, make it rain or even create thunderstorms. Is Clouds & Sheep 2 something to bleat about? Read our review below..

  • Dev: Handy Games
  • Pub: Handy Games
  • Release Date: 18/11/16
  • PEGI Rating: 3
  • Players: 1
  • Size: 440.9 MB
  • Category: Family & kids
  • Price: £7.99
  • In Clouds & Sheep 2 you manage a flock of sheep by feeding them, making sure they have drinking water, keeping them warm and entertained. The basics of the food and water consist of grabbing clouds with your pointer and collecting enough of them together to form a rain cloud. You can then make it rain which will form puddles on the ground, small puddles will encourage grass to grow for your sheep to eat, and large puddles will form a drinking source. You are also able to interact with the sheep, throwing them in the air, and pulling their tails to make them roll across the ground encourages them to be happy.

    Happiness in turn will generate ‘Happy Stars’ which is one of the resources needed to get into the more detailed management of the game. As an example, Stars can be used to purchase flowers, which can be picked for their ‘Petals’, once you have enough Stars and Petals you can then grow trees which will produce ‘Wood’ and so on, you get the idea, Sheep can also be sheared for their ‘Wool’. All four of these resources can be used to purchase various items to help keep your sheep alive and happy, and also items to customise your sheep and their worlds, from wool colours and hats to numerous decorative items and playground equipment.

    Keep your sheep warm in Winter World.

    Keep your sheep warm in Winter World.

    You can earn bonus resources by completing tasks set by the sheep, you can accept these by clicking on a sheep that has an exclamation point above their head. Tasks vary from simple actions such as getting your sheep to each a certain amount of grass, to actions that require you to collect a lot of resources to build things such as trampolines and swings. Not all items are available from the start though, as you’ll have to level up to unlock them. You level up from performing the aforementioned sheep quests, as well as completing the main quest missions. Main quest missions act as a loose story as you go in search of the fountain of youth. Giving the game a little bit of substance and reason to play.

    If you don’t take care of your sheep’s needs, they will die, keeping them fed and watered is a must, but look out for their thought bubbles as these do give a good indication to their current state. Your sheep can become cold and so you’ll need to give them a hot water bottle as an example. You’ll also have to be mindful of the thunder clouds too, as too many lightning strikes can kill your sheep too. That’s not the only thing lightning can do though, as it is also useful for getting rid of mushroom that grow in the world. You’ll want to hit these with lightning as soon as possible as your inquisitive sheep will sniff them out, eat them and become ill.

    Watch out for that lightning!

    Watch out for that lightning!

    Clouds are not all doom and gloom, as they’re also quite cutely used for bringing lambs into your world too. Getting your sheep to eat flowers will put them into a love mode, where you will see love hearts animating off them, putting a male and female together they will ‘bat’ eyelids at each other and create a heart that will float into the sky. You can then take this heart and combine it with a cloud to create a lamb that will fall into the world. Speaking of worlds, there’s four in total that unlock as you progress through the main quests, all are quite varied and range from the Farm in which you start, Winter World which has a Christmas theme, Treasure Island which has a Pirate theme and Prairie which is a Wild West theme.

    The controls, are fairly straight forward and there’s an easy to understand informative tutorial at the beginning of the game, gameplay is simplistic yet engrossing, and you can easily loose an hour or two playing without realising it. There are times where you will find yourself waiting for resources, and this can feel a little bit of a chore. The visuals are really nice, lots of bright colours with an overall cartoon look that’s almost become a bit of a trademark for the developers Handy Games. The audio fits the games style well with each world having its own soundtrack, but can become a little repetitive. The sheep are quite funnily voiced by humans, and adds a bit of charm to the game.

    Lambs are born out of the clouds.

    Lambs are born out of the clouds.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 7.5
    Graphics 6
    Audio 5
    Replay Value 8
    Value for Money 8.5
    Clouds & Sheep 2

    Clouds & sheep 2 is a game definitely aimed at a younger audience, although adults will get just as engrossed in its addictive gameplay. It can feel a bit of a chore waiting for resources at times, but you'll soon forgive it once you 'give birth' to your next lamb from the clouds. With four world to customise and look after your sheep in, there's plenty of replay value also considering it's open ended. If you're looking for a nice little family game on a budget, then this is a must.

    • Gameplay the whole family can enjoy.
    • Nice visuals
    • Open ended game giving some good replay value
    • Collecting resources becomes a chore at times.
    • Soundtrack is a little repetitive.

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