ClusterTruck Review

Cluster Truck is a physics-based platformer played out in first person, will cluster truck make its delivery or run out of gas? Read our review below to find out…

  • Developer: Landfall Games
  • Publisher: Tiny Build Games
  • Release Date: 28/10/2016
  • PEGI Rating: 3+
  • Players: 1
  • Download size: 436.65Mb
  • Genre: Platformer
  • Price: £11.99
  • ClusterTruck is a bit like a game I used to play as a child called “floor is lava” although within ClusterTruck you have countless different objects in your way, from lasers to medieval contraptions attempting to block your path as you jump your way through each of the 8 worlds. Each world is set out with ten levels to complete, you’ll see a significant difficulty ramp up after completing each level although it does set you up for what’s to come, for example in world 4 (laser world) it starts you off with horizontal lasers in which you need to jump around different trucks to get to the finish line dodging every laser, later on it has lasers in all directions coming down and around you in which you need to dip duck dive and dodge to get to the finish line. All of the skills you have to use to get to the end build you up for the final few stages which in most cases will have the majority of the obstacles you’ve just beat in the earlier levels of said world transformed into one extremely difficult level.

    One of the laser levels in ClusterTruck

    One of the laser levels in ClusterTruck

    With that being said ClusterTruck is a difficult game at times, I did find whenever I was stuck on any of the levels to take a break and go back to it, this would lead to completing the level within my first few attempts, so it may be best to play this game in shorter bursts if you start finding it too difficult! something else i picked up on was the fact it’s a little difficult to look around using right stick when you’re jumping from truck to truck, this could affect where you land and cause you to fail, simply take a test run where you know you’ll die to get a better scope

    A closing gap to the finish line in ClusterTruck

    A closing gap to the finish line in ClusterTruck

    At the end of a level you score points based on Tricks, Time etc etc which build up to be used as credit in which you can buy abilities, these are set in 2 separate categories “Movement” and “Utilities” the movement Abilities are as follows:

    Double Jump – Does a double jump
    Air Dash – Pushes you through the air in the direction you’re facing
    Levitation – levitates the player
    Jetpack – it’s a jetpack…
    Grappling Hook – lets you shoot a grappling hook at trucks
    Truck Boost – boosts the truck that’s below the player into the air
    Trucker Flip – lets you perform mad flips
    Back Truck – the game said something about trucks and backed, but i’m pretty sure it takes you back a truck?

    And utilities are:

    Time Slow – a watch which slows down time
    Portable Truck – a projectile which spawns a truck
    Trucksolute Zero – Freezes all trucks
    Epic Mode – all points earned are doubled in epic mode

    A Medieval Level with obstacles in ClusterTruck

    A Medieval Level with obstacles in ClusterTruck

    As you can imagine with all of the above you can pretty much tailor the game to your own capabilities and playing style which will make for easier playing and or better speed running results. I personally used double jump and time slow although i did have to switch it about for certain levels! The graphics were better than I expected with an exceptionally clean look to the game, not too much detail although that isn’t really required for this type of speedrunning platformer, the bright colours popped out with all of the white and worked rather well! I wanted to say the audio was the cliche annoying backing track you seem to get a lot of nowadays, BUT I actually enjoyed it! Obviously it changed throughout the areas and complimented the game. It’s a shame ClusterTruck was released during the end of year battles between the big titles, i personally think it could have done really well if the timing was right.

    Gameplay 8
    Graphics 6.5
    Audio 7.5
    Replay Value 8
    Value For Money 7.5

    ClusterTruck is one of the most addictive speedrunning platformers i have ever played, with it’s selection of abilities i found myself perfecting every level, it may have you screaming with rage but you’ll be sure to go back and finish it off, a must for any speedrunning fans!

    • Plenty of in-game abilities
    • Addictive
    • looking around whilst moving between trucks can be difficult
    • No online element i.e leaderboards

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