Content Creator Pack DLC Coming to Cities Skylines on Console

Paradox Interactive has released a new add-on for Cities: Skylines – Xbox One Edition, releasing next week as well for Cities: Skylines – PlayStation 4 Edition on 13th March, 2018. The latest DLC, titled the “Content Creator Pack,” gives mayor-players a new set of stylish structures, service buildings, and neighbourhood styles to add to their towns, all created by two talented community modellers from the Cities: Skylines fan base. The Content Creator Pack will be available on both Xbox One and PlayStation®4 for a suggested retail price of £7.99/$9.99/€9.99, and is also included as part of the Season Pass for both platforms.

Content Creator Pack Xbox store

The pack includes a series of new buildings from artist and modeler Matt “Shroomblaze” Crux, styled in the classic Art Deco fashion – with 6 spawnable residential buildings, 6 spawnable commercial buildings, and 3 unique buildings to give players’ towns a bold 1920s flair. It also adds 15 creations from community creator Mauro “GCVos” Vos with technological inspiration, including 10 new unique buildings and 5 advanced city service options, bringing in-game towns to the next level of archi-technology.

Cities: Skylines on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are also receiving a free content update for all players: “Match Day,” a new feature which allows mayors to add sports stadiums to their towns. While cities will benefit from the revenue generated by their home teams, it will take careful planning to handle traffic on game day! “Match Day” is available now in Cities: Skylines – Xbox One Edition and will be added alongside the Content Creator Pack to Cities: Skylines – PlayStation®4 Edition next week.

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