Dad Beat Dads Review

Developed and published by Stellar Jay Studios, Dad Beat Dads is a local multiplayer beat’em-up that can also be played using bots to fill up the game, with 3 game modes to play, Corporate Ladder, Smash N’ Grab and Diaper Sniper.

Dad Beat Dads is in essence a simple game. with a handful of game modes, no story and a bunch of wacky characters. It’s a formula that is put together well by Stellar Jay Studios. With the focus being on competitive fun and boy does it deliver. I played it over the weekend since launch, be it by myself or with the family and it’s just an outright blast to play. Even by yourself, filling the game with bots is just as fun as having real people, the A.I. is rather competitive and will battle it out with other A.I. characters making a rather fun experience. Even if you get eliminated, watching the bots go at it will put a smile on your face.


The three game modes are just as good as each other, and I couldn’t really pick one out that stands above the others. With a variety of maps to choose from and some that change the gameplay slightly, you can also change some of the rules to customise the gameplay, even down to turning the time off, making the game endless. The game modes are;

-Corporate Ladder, This mode has players battling it out over treasure chests filled with coins, whilst climbing up platforms and avoiding being caught out by the upward scrolling screen. Not forgetting that all this has to be done whilst navigating through various obstacles such as falling platforms and walls that have to be smashed through, and other dads that want to knock your teeth out. The player with the most coins when the time runs out is the winner.

-Smash N’ Grab has players trying to take other dad’s babies and carry them off to their ‘door’ to score points, while protecting their own baby as well as using it as a weapon. The player with the highest score wins.

-Diaper Sniper has players fighting to eliminate the others by smashing them with a brick wrapped in a diaper (nappy). The game ends when one player has scored three wins.

The overall look of the game is that of a cartoon set within a gameshow atmosphere, it reminded me of the classic cartoon ‘Wacky Races’. It even features a commentator that mentions different things during gameplay, such as ‘Red and Green are neck and neck’ and so on. There’s nine different characters to choose from all completely bizzare, with the likes of a ‘Dino’ a ‘shark’ and even a fish head dad.. The music in Dad Beat Dads is really good too, and it compliments the gameplay perfectly.

Stellar Jay Studios Provided a download code for this review
Gameplay 7.5
Graphics 7
Audio 7
Replay Value 8.5
Value for Money 9
Dad Beat Dads

Summary: Dad Beat Dads is a cracking arcade game that is extremely fun to play, the only thing that could make it better is if it featured online play. A great game full of simple carnage, if you are looking for a party game for the weekends then this is a title you need to check out! and as I mention in the video above, Stellar Jay Studios really should think about releasing this in other countries.

  • lots of pick up and play appeal
  • competitive fun
  • lack of online play

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