Deals With Gold 4/7/17 – 10/7/17

It’s Tuesday! That means there’s new Deals with Gold on the Store. Because of the Ultimate Game Sale currently active, this week’s deals feature no major titles, with the games that missed out in the big sale taking centre stage.  If you have Watch Dogs 2 or purchased it from the sale, the season pass is discounted alongside two add on packs. Indie title Worms Anniversary edition is the highlight. The countless nights I spent with friends as we aimed to disseminate each others worms is forever etched, and with 50% off its well worth a purchase.

Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass  – 40% off

Worms Anniversary Edition – 50% off

Uncanny Valley – 50% off

Syberia 3 – 30% off

Watch Dogs 2 – Ultimate Pack 1 – 15% off

Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood – 30% off

Color Symphony 2 – 50% off

Beyond Eyes – 75% off

Kung Fu for Kinect – 50% off

Watch Dogs 2 Mega Pack – 15% off

Watch Dogs  2 – Supreme Pack – 15% off

Use Your Words – 67% off


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