Defiance 2050 Review

  • Dev: Behaviour Int.
  • Pub: Trion Worlds
  • Released: 06/07/18
  • PEGI/ESRB: 18/M
  • Players: 1-4 (squads)
  • Size: 15.44 GB
  • Price: Free-to-play
  • Xbox One X Enhanced: No
  • Defiance 2050 is a remake of the MMO developed game with the tie-in to the Syfy channel’s TV series Defiance. It is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi shooter with great elements of coop multiplayer. It has been released as free to play and I think this makes up for the fact it is a remake rather than a completely new game as if you were made to buy this game it wouldn’t be worth a penny.

    The game still feels and looks very much as the original game, it includes all the DLC from the original game as well as the tie-in questlines. The new classes and skill trees were well introduced. The original defiance had a single skill tree but now the players have been broken up into four different skill sets which all have their own individual skill trees. The original four classes being; Assault, Assassin, Guardian and Medic. There are more classes coming along such as the Demolitionist. While the classes have been developed the character customization certainly hasn’t and is fairly limited unless you want to pay for cosmetics which is always bound to happen in any free to play MMO.

    If you are new to the Defiance MMO I seriously think this is a game worth checking out, I personally think as a free game its easily one of the best shooters. It doesn’t require a shed-load of micro-transactions to level or get good loot and the quest progression isn’t taxing or grinding at all. The large-scale battles known as Arkfalls that happen throughout the game while exploring are rewarding and intense.

    There are always people in your instance while exploring so when it comes to the large-scale fights you’re not alone and are not forced into playing with groups online. The only issue I have with the start of the game is how it almost expects you to of played the first defiance or had seen the TV show which aired in 2013 so it’s highly unlikely that people would have remembered it or in fact even seen the show in the first place so showing the two main characters of the show at the start of the game without hardly any introduction I feel is nearly pointless as they have almost no relevance to the Ark Hunter you are playing.

    As for the actual storyline the quests always seem to keep you busy while you have just finished one quest it could lead directly into an on-going or just started arkfall which could then lead into another side quest you’ve just unlocked from doing the previous quest. There are also mini events that happen in locations across the map so when there is no arkfall or side quests to do there are still events to keep you busy alongside the challenges that are scattered across the map that reward you as well as offer replay ability to try and get the highest score on the world leaderboard for that specific challenge.

    The issues with these Arkfall fights however is that sometimes when enemies spawn in the textures will be broken or the actual AI itself will completely break down and they won’t move, or in one instance where I was in a fight that lasted over 25 minuets the game itself just shut down due to the sheer number of enemies that was spawning in. This was both disappointing and frustrating as I lost all the XP and loot I got from during the fight and when I logged in the actual Arkfall event had gone because it placed me into a different instance. I imagine these are fixes that will be made in future patches.

    Having played the pvp that is available almost straight away it certainly isn’t the best for third person shooters but for a remake of the old game it is defiantly playable, however I jumped into the pvp thinking it was a standalone thing however after the match had ended I was placed half way across the map with enemy’s way above my level so I was crushed by PVE just after the match had ended. There is fast travel which made it easy to escape but I don’t understand why they wouldn’t take you back to where you started searching for the match just so you wouldn’t instantly die to PVE.

    Gameplay 7.5
    Graphics 6
    Audio 8
    Replay Value 8
    Value for Money 8.3
    Defiance 2050

    Overall, I think it’s a solid free to play third person shooter that would have appealed much more if it had a whole new relaunch rather than just a remake as the title of the game itself is almost misleading for old players as it brands itself as a new game, needs small but doable fixes and is certainly worth it for new players to try.

    • Always people in your instance
    • Good large-scale fights
    • Always busy but not overloaded with things to do
    • Random crashes
    • Texture bugs
    • Poor character customization without loot boxes

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