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DOGOS by OPQAM is intended to bring the classic shoot em up genre into the current generation, with 3D graphics and an open world feel. So is DOGOS the next best Sh’mup? Read our review below to find out..

  • Dev: OPQAM
  • Pub: Internet URL S.A.
  • Release Date:
  • PEGI Rating: 7
  • Players: 1
  • Download size: 1.5 GB
  • Genre: Shoot Em Up
  • Price: £9.59
  • In DOGOS you play as Desmond, and pilot his space craft to take on the Zeetnuk, a biomechanical alien race who have run planet Earth dry of its resources. You get to choose one of two ships to begin the game, one is faster than the other, while the other has more health etc. Make this choice wisely though as you won’t be able to change to the other ship without losing your current save file, as you will be forced to overwrite it should you wish to change.

    Once you have chosen your ship, you will be given changeable upgrades for it throughout the game consisting of air weapons, ground weapons and skins to jazz up your DOGOS ship. You begin the game with a simple introduction to the game’s controls using on screen prompts, and are then tasked with your first mission of rescuing Europa, who then becomes your main point of contact throughout the rest of the game.


    There’s 14 levels in total, with each having an overall task of getting from point a to point b and destroying some stuff along the way. There’s also three challenges to complete per level too, some of which you’ll do first time round, with the ability to replay the level later to get the ones you missed if you wish to do so. These vary from finding and killing a certain enemy, finishing the level under a certain time and killing x amount of enemies, to name a few. Adding a bit of replay value.

    The game does feature a lot of voice acting, though it is very difficult to hear whilst playing as it is drowned out by the in-game music and explosions, with no volume controls to adjust this, it does become frustrating if you are trying to follow what you’re being told. That said, the voice acting in DOGOS is quite bad, especially the monotone ramblings of Desmond’s journal entries between the levels, You’ll definitely find yourself skipping them as they don’t really engage you as well as they should.


    The open world idea has been done before by OPQAM with their other Sh’mup title Project Root, which felt a bit more varied and populated when it came to the visuals and enemies alike. The open world felt a little more open than DOGOS too. The game does play well though, said to be at 60 frames per second and 1080p It does feel smooth to control your ship.

    Shooting on the other hand is a bit of a miss, you’ll find yourself ‘spray and praying’ the air weapons and as for the ground weapons you have to be extremely precise to hit your target which can be tricky navigating through tight quarters whilst watching the small cross hair, often leading to a crash or two.


    DOGOS features the expected Bosses throughout, but they come across as very underwhelming, You learn their fire patterns very quickly, and they seem to have massive health pools. Leading to long drawn out battles, constant firing until they eventually die. Visually the game is quite well detailed, and sadly this is where all the effort seem to have been put in to DOGOS, the Soundtrack is extremely repetitive and as mentioned before has no volume adjustment, this along with the gunfire and explosions are quite deafening compared to the voice overs.

    A download code was provided for this review by the publisher/developer
    Gameplay 5
    Graphics 7.5
    Audio 3
    Replay Value 5.5
    Value for Money 6

    Summary: DOGOS unfortunately falls short by quite a bit, lacklustre voice acting and deafening repetitive music make the experience quite horrible. I would only recommend DOGOS if you're a hardcore Shoot 'em up fan.

    • Nice detailed graphics
    • Music is too loud and drowns out the in-game voice overs
    • Boring boss battles
    • Lacklustre voice acting

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