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Doom is published by Bethesda and developed by ID software. This is ID’s reboot of the original 1993 franchise, the new incarnation of the game has gone back to its roots with fast paced action, exploration and a little puzzle solving.

This is a first person shooter you play the part of the unnamed “doom” marine waking up in a macabre setting you quickly find out you are on mars the gates of hell have been opened and things have gone very wrong.

  • Dev: id Software
  • Pub: Bethesda Softworks
  • Release Date: 13/5/16
  • PEGI Rating: 18
  • Players: 1-12
  • size: 47.97 GB
  • Genre: FPS
  • Price: £49.99
  • The first level works as a kind of tutorial giving you the basic story and explaining how things work helping you get used to the controls. It also introduces you to the glossary which is where you will find information on the progressing story, details on any demons and weapons you come across and also the weapon and suit progression system.

    There are several levels of difficulty for you to play at each progressively more difficult, as you work your way through the game you you will be confronted with massive multi leveled areas to explore no two levels are the same from the decoration to layout from the vast sprawl of mars surface to the near vertical towers with many hidden areas and secrets. There is plenty to see and do on the levels from the exploration to challenges.

    There is a great mixture of demons for you to do battle with and they all have their own behavior the A.I. works really well from the shambling mindless corpses who will just come straight for you, the imps which constantly run jump and climb walls to avoid you while constantly hurling fireballs to the barons who just want to get in close and rip you in half. Each of the demons is dangerous in their own way and each level has a good mix of these that get progressively more difficult.

    Doom 1

    The action in this game is fast paced and when the demons attack they come thick and fast to the point where you have to stay mobile or you will be punished. Combat is geared towards fast paced close combat. You will find yourself constantly on the move circle strafing more powerful demons waiting for the opportunity of the glory kill, this is a new feature in the doom franchise and it can be the difference between life and death in some situations. Basically put once a demon gets to a certain health level they will be stunned for a few moments this allows you to swoop in and pull off a gory kill it also drops health. There is no health regen other then health stations dotted around and the occasional health pack so the glory kill mechanic will be your main source of health.challenges can be found through rune stones once these challenges are completed you will receive a rune stone that will further improve your marine and these can be further improved by carrying out challenges that are set.

    All of the original weapons are there from the shotgun, chainsaw to the bfg but in a difference from the original these weapons are now customisable which puts a fresh take on this. Weapons now have an upgrade system where as you find a little upgrade bot hidden within the level and you use those points to modify your weapon of choice once it is fully upgraded you are given a challenge to complete the upgrade.Along with customisable weapons you can now upgrade your suit for more health armor and make yourself more agile. The weapons and upgrades can be found through out levels with a little exploration and also littered across your path as the game progresses. That said there is also a great mix of weaponry on offer and each excels in different situations for example the shotgun can go from the short range finisher to a mid range weapon with the addition of a grenade launcher or the mid-range machine gun to long range with the addition of a scope so depending on your gameplay style you can modify your weapons to play accordingly

    Doom 3

    This game also offers a multiplayer option which comes with 6 different modes once you get to the lobby its pretty straight forward affair their is character customisation so you can modify the way your character looks with different armor sets and colors these are fairly basic to begin with but as you progress you can earn more through an xp system their are also basic weapon sets but again you can earn more as you progress.

    As with the story part of the game combat is pretty fast paced there are 6 modes which are more or less the usual fare deathmatch which scores points for killing the opposing teams players, skull harvest which is a different take on deathmatch with points being scored from collecting soul of dead players control where points are score for holding certain areas in warpath you have to control moving areas to score points.the final 2 modes are clan arena where you have to kill the opposing team to win and freeze tag where your team mates are frozen in place when they die and you revive them while trying to freeze the opposing team. in addition to combat you can also take hacks into the game which do various things like show cool-downs of certain drops and give extra xp the final addition to the multiplayer is runes you can collect which allow you to become a demon for a short time allowing you to use their weapons and abilities.

    The final part of the doom package is the map editor, the map building is a welcome addition to the franchise its a reasonably simple affair it uses a system of pre-designed map pieces there are 120 + at the moment you work from a top down screen choose the piece you want and they just click it into place the way you want it the whole interface can be quite daunting at first but there is a lengthy tutorial for this section to help you get to grips with the system, once the map is built and you are happy with it you can add the monsters and any extra criteria within the set of options.

    Doom 4

    I really enjoyed this game as a fan of the original this game brought back a few nostalgic memories. the controls were excellent once you got over the slight differences as opposed to other first person shooters, game-play was slick with a well prepared soundtrack that changed depending on the pace of the action .

    The story part of the game is well polished and reasonably seamless I came across a few bugs where demons were getting stuck in objects unable to move and the soundtrack could get a little frustrating at times when action was at its heaviest. The challenges when found were good they took a little time to master but the loading times between tries could be a little annoying. I really enjoyed looking for the secret areas although I was unable to find them all due to being locked out of certain areas once passing certain points.
    Although I’m not a huge fan of the multiplayer aspect of games I found this easy to pickup and fun even though I spent most of my time dead while getting to grips with the various weapon combinations and maps.I can definitely see myself sinking a fair few hours into the map editor at some point as I feel it shows a lot of potential for the future.

    Game was purchased by the reviewer
    Gameplay 9
    Graphics 9
    Audio 8
    Replay Value 8
    Value for Money 8.5

    Summary: All in all a great game, a joy to play and I can see myself coming back to it for another play-through at a more difficult level.

    • Fast paced action
    • Plenty of weapons
    • Large maps
    • Lots of customisation
    • frustrating loading times between challenges
    • soundtrack can be a little over bearing at times

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