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Developed and published by Amplitude Studios, Dungeon of the Endless is a Rougue-Like Dungeon Defense game, where players have to defend the generator of their crashed ship while exploring and ever expanding dungeon, with waves of monsters and random events as they try to find their way out.

There are times when you come across games that are little gems, and Dungeon of the Endless is one of them. Although it is already available on PC, I’ve never heard of it before and was quite looking forward to getting stuck in and what a treat it is. By no means an easy game to play, even with it’s ‘Too Easy’ difficulty option Dungeon of the Endless is a game that requires learning, strategy and a touch of luck.

The game features single player and online 4 player co-op which is always a joy to see in ID@Xbox games. I highly recommend having a good play in single player first before jumping straight into an online game as you’ll have no clue as to what you are doing or need to do, (you’ll see that in our preview video below). To start there are only a few characters to choose from with the rest being unlocked by playing the game, finding them and then either keeping them alive for three floors or finishing the game with them. There are 18 playable characters in total each having their own stats so choose wisely.

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The general aim of Dungeon of the Endless is to protect the crystal from your crashed ship, find the exit to the next floor and take your crystal with you. There’s a tutorial that covers the basics of gameplay and this can be looked at again by opening the hero menu and going to the system menu tab. Again these are the basics and you will need to learn alot of the other features in the game as you play. From leveling up your characters and managing their equipment, to managing your resources and building modules and defences. This all sounds alot to take in and believe me it is, but this is what makes Dungeon of the Endless such a great game. You can’t just jump in and complete it straight away. You will fail a handful of times but you’ll restart and come back at it with the knowledge of what you did wrong and try something different.

That is of course theoretical as each time you play the game it is different. The layout is different, the monster spawns, resource spawns and random events are all different. There’s also the added element of Risk and reward whilst playing. You can either try your best to find the exit and get out as soon as possible, or take your time and go around opening all the doors on each floor. You can find research station to upgrade your defence turrets, resource modules etc, or learn how to craft new ones. There’s merchants that you can trade equipment with and as mentioned earlier new playable characters that you can get to join your crew (maximum of four in a crew). On the flip side you can also risk spawning new waves of enemies, or even triggering EMP blasts that will knock power out of some of the rooms, and even Boss type monsters that occupy a room and are extremely hard to kill.

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The games controls are pretty straight forward once you get the hang of them, Characters are simply moved around by pressing the A button on either a door or room and off they go. They will even automatically perform actions in rooms if needed, such as opening chests should you find them or engage in combat. this lets you concentrate a little more on other elements of gameplay. Such as building, researching and trading. You can even spend a fair few minutes weighing up if that bit of equipment you’ve just found is worth keeping or not and who should have it equipped.

There are also other variants of the game that can be played once you complete the game with the Escape Pod, you will unlock other Pods (these have to be completed to unlock more and so on) that you can choose to play the game with and these will either add or take away buffs and/or take some building elements away making the game very different. In total there are seven Pods you can play the game with, including the Drill Pod which takes away all food, industry and science modules at the start, and the game is endless! See how far you can get with that one.

The game’s audio is great, the music that plays as you load the game up really sets the tone and atmosphere. Whilst playing there are lots of sounds that play denoting different things that are happening and are a good audio cue if your off on the far side of the floor with a character and some monsters spawn in. Even the music that starts when you decide to head for the exit is great and gets the blood pumping as wave after wave of monsters spawn as you make your way out.

check out our early access preview from Dec 2015

Gameplay 9
Graphics 7.5
Audio 7.5
Replay Value 9
Value for Money 9
Dungeon of the Endless

Summary: Take your time to learn how to play Dungeon of the Endless and you will find yourself a gem of a game. coupled with the online co-op, there's Lots of gameplay with character and resource management, and tower defence style elements. A must buy

  • Great tactical gameplay
  • Online co-op
  • Learning curve can be steep for newcomers

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