Dying Light: The Following Review

The Following feels completely fresh it’s almost like a brand new game. Where the base game had you running, jumping, climbing and using your grappling hook to traverse the rooftops, winding streets and back alleys of Harran City. The Following is quite the opposite with wide open spaces and rolling fields, it makes the game feel brand new. Throwing all your parkour skills out the window and opting for a more brute force approach to navigating the countryside of Harran. As the gameplay focus shifts from the above mentioned parkour, to the use of a Buggy to plough your way through the hordes.

The quests are pretty much the same as in the base game, mainly consisting of go-for missions, and are just as tolerable, as you’ll find yourself wandering off to check out something that you have seen out the corner of your eye, or you’ve just found something to upgrade your buggy with. there’s definitely a lot of stuff to keep you busy. With the random encounters making a return along with the supply drops should you wish to check them out. There is also a whole bunch of side quests to complete too, and can quite easily add 10+ hours to the game. Without going in to too much detail, (we don’t like spoilers), the missions and side quests will have you going through a variety of emotions, and meeting some familiar faces along the way.

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The buggy in Dying Light: The Following is one of its main draws, With the buggy taking damage and being upgradable, you’ll find yourself scavenging parts and fuel (yes you can run out of fuel) at every available stranded vehicle. There are numerous options to upgrading the buggy, from simple paint jobs through to upgrading the engine, suspension, turbo , brakes and traction with more durable parts. You can even add equipment that makes the roll cage electrified to stop those pesky zombies from climbing on to your buggy, or add a set of UV lights that make your buggy a portable safe zone. You’ll have to unlock most of these via the new ‘Driver level’ skill tree.

There’s also a few extra elements when it comes to the zombies, at different stages while playing you will be introduced to things such as Volatile nests, these are exactly what they sound like,(and kind of reminded me of the nests in Prototype) and you can destroy these to make the Volatile population lower. However going in to a nest during the day is nigh on suicide as Volatiles hide in these nests during this time, so it is advised that you take these on during the night. You are also introduced to Special zombies, these often have a huge amount of health along side being physically huge, and can only be damaged in certain ways. A definite challenge that maybe best tackled in Co-op.

Check out our co-op gameplay;

This DLC was included in the season pass purchased by the reviewer
Gameplay 9.5
Graphics 9
Audio 9
Replay Value 9.5
Value for Money 9.5
Dying Light The Following DLC

Summary: Dying Light: The Following is a massive bit of DLC well worth its asking price of £15.99/$19.99 (also included in the season pass, priced £24.99/$29.99), it could have quite easily been released as a stand alone game. Techland have gone above and beyond creating this awesome expansion and other developers should take note. If you own the original game and have yet to play The Following what are you waiting for!?

  • Excellent story
  • Addition of the buggy
  • Lack of safe houses

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