EGX 2018: This Is Pool Preview and Interview with Shaun Read (Creative Director at VooFoo Studios)


At EGX in Birmingham we had the pleasure of interviewing Shaun Read, Creative Director at VooFoo Studios. Shaun has a decorated history within the video game industry and in the interview he gives us a little insight in to that history and talks about his time with Rare as well as how he got to
VooFoo Studios. He also talks about the success of the brilliant Mantis Burn Racing and the new game coming from the studio called This Is Pool.

As you may already be aware, VooFoo Studios were responsible for Hustle Kings, a Playstation brand exclusive and Pure Pool, an Xbox brand exclusive. Both were incredibly good solid polished games but both were also tied to exclusive deals in which VooFoo weren’t the sole owners of the intellectual properties. It was at this point that Shaun and his team knew that they were well equipped to develop a great Pool game and decided to do so but this time self publish, ultimately giving them full control and also multi platform flexibility.

From what we saw and played of This Is Pool and knowing what we know about the work ethic within VooFoo Studios, we have no doubt that it’s going to be a great game that will now be able to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of the platform. Visually it looked very polished and will be enhanced for Xbox One X as Shaun talks about this in the interview. He also talks about the game modes that are going to be available plus a little tease about the additional content that will be coming to the game (we poked and prodded him to give us more details but he wouldn’t budge on giving anymore away than he does in the interview)

We can’t wait for This Is Pool and having seen first hand the passion and drive that this team of developers have, we can see this studio becoming huge in the future. We’d also like to give a massive thank you to Shaun for giving up some time in his very busy schedule to talk to us. This Is Pool releases in Q1 so keep your eyes on this one in the near future.

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