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Developed by Michael Todd Games and published by LOOT Interactive, Electronic Super Joy is a side scrolling platformer featuring a soundtrack by EDM superstar, EnV! The game starts with a little back story to our character and from the off you can tell that Electronic Super Joy is a game like no other. after being told that we have lost an arm, an eye and both legs. We also learn that we have lost our Butt to an evil Wizard. Our quest, to get revenge for our Butt..

Electronic Super Joy is one of those games you just know you’re in for something a bit different. Confirmed from the start by the outrageously funny back story, it does come with a large warning too, with regards to epilepsy and motion sickness, along with warnings if you’re easily offended by bad language, violence sexual content and blasphemy. Yes it really does go that far.

Starting off as always with a tutorial level you’ll soon get the idea that Electronic Super Joy is no walk in the park, as you’ll die, die again, and probably die some more. And that’s just in the first few levels, and it only gets harder. It’s a game more suited to hardcore gamers, and may put a few casual gamers off. A definite Marmite game, you’ll either love it or hate it.


As you progress through the game you will be given different powers to progress through certain levels. They are not a case of use them if you want to, you need to use them to get through the level and you will probably wish you had more. the first power you get is the smash attack, simply press the B button while in the air will send you into the ground with a mighty ‘whack’ taking out any enemies below you. You will also get the ability to double jump now and again, and also get the ability to fly too.

There are a hand full of enemies to face, from strange cat like creatures that kill you upon touching them, to over sized frogs that spit out ninja throwing stars. There are of course hazards to avoid along the way, missiles that loosely follow you around the screen that can be smashed with the B attack button when you have it, there’s also lasers and spiked objects. Not to mention that falling off any platform and beyond the bottom of the screen will also result in death. The game does feature a checkpoint system denoted by a flag on screen, reaching these will trigger a, what can only be described as a sexual noise in either a male or female voice.

There are some levels that also mix things up a little with some having the level move along in which you have to keep up or die, one features a tilting screen, one that will turn 90 degrees and one where you will also take control of a flying saucer. Visually Electronic Super Joy is fantastic, super neon colours along with backgrounds that pulse along to the perfectly married soundtrack. Set against the jet black characters and platforms in the foreground, it works really well.

Not only do you get the original game in the Xbox One version of Electronic Super Joy, it also comes bundled with “2 Bonus Content levels, 5 Xbox-exclusive levels, and the Micro-Hell DLC expansion” So plenty to keep you occupied. It is also worth noting that there will be a purchasable DLC called ‘Hot Sticky Mess’ on release.

Electronic Super Joy is frustrating yet weirdly enjoyable across its 50+ levels. it will have you laughing, crying and dancing on your way to completing it. Its difficulty may put some off, but it is nicely bundled with some extra content and well worth the asking price.

LOOT Interactive supplied a download code for this review

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