Energizer Charge System Review

The Energizer Charge System comes supplied with a mains adaptor, two battery packs and 4 battery pack covers (2 black, 2 white). Does the Energizer Charge System have the power to keep your gaming sessions going? Read our review below..

On the box

  • Recharges 2 Xbox One controllers at once
  • Includes 2 Energizer recharge battery packs
  • Includes AC Adaptor for quick charging
  • Simple one handed installation

The Energizer Charge System is very easy to set up, you plug the charging stand in to a power outlet using the supplied AC adaptor, then install the supplied battery packs into your Xbox One controllers, replacing your original battery pack covers with the ones supplied. You have to use the supplied covers because they have an opening in them which lets the contact points on the batteries connect with the ones on the charge station, meaning there’s no more trailing cables when charging your controllers.

You may be thinking “well what about charging while playing”. the simple answer to that is there should be no need, the battery packs are stated as having “up to 35 hours game play” which is more than enough for even hardcore players. It definitely lives up to this statement too, as I have used it for over a week now and compared to other charging systems, I have been charging a lot less. The charging dock also doubles as a neat controller stand for two Xbox One controllers, so not only can it charge two controllers at the same time, they also look good while doing so. It is compatible with Elite controllers as well as both Xbox One and Xbox One S Controllers.

As mentioned already, the battery packs connect to the charging dock via contact points, that coupled with the clever design of the battery covers and dock mean you can just place them on with one hand and the controller will slot into place and start charging straight away. You can check if your controllers are charging or charged by checking the display at the front of the dock, there will be two LED bars one for each controller, which will be red when charging and turn green once they’re ready to use. Charging time is probably the quickest I’ve seen, taking around 15-20 minutes to fully charge a completely drained battery pack. this is thanks to the Charge System running off of mains power and not via a USB connection. The Energizer Charge System is available in black and white and priced $29.99 (around £25)

Product was supplied for the purpose of this review
Build Quality 9
Charge Time 9.5
Features 9
Energizer Charge System

The Energizer Charge System does seem expensive when comparing to other charging systems out there, however it is a case of "you get what you pay for" and here you are getting some of the best battery technology available with the Energizer name. The batteries last a long time and the fact that there's two supplied with a mains powered docking station actually make it a bargain.

  • Works with all official Xbox One controllers
  • Mains powered, making charging quick.
  • Supplied Energizer battery packs

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