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Factotum 90 is a split screen single player puzzle game brought to you by a one man band developer known as TACS Games. The game is staged aboard a spaceship which has been left stranded in space since something collided with it; the main power is offline however you do have access to a walker control terminal letting you obtain two robots to help you make your way through the puzzle based ship, to regain life support and find out what exactly caused the collision.

Now if you’re like me, your first thoughts of a single player split screen game would be “well that sounds like a headache of confusion” but surprisingly it was quite easy to keep track of each character and easy to understand how to play the  game. The difficulty level just depends on how good you are with puzzles and if you’re someone with patience, this will be easier than someone who likes to go in all guns blazing for the purpose of getting through the game as quick as possible.

As for the graphics, I found Factotum 90 quite aesthetically pleasing, the graphics were of good quality for an ID@Xbox puzzle game, especially in the price bracket it’s currently in, I couldn’t grumble at all. For what I was expecting to be a sea of greys and different metal like textures, was actually a mixture of colours to compliment each other without taking focus off your 2 yellow robots.

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From the get go your screen is the walker control terminal and that doesn’t change throughout the game, I liked that they had left it like this instead of simply doing a basic split screen like most games; it also helped when jumping from robot to robot from the aid of small lights on the control panel, these lights also light up when you’re carrying an object and using other in game aids, which again lets you easily keep track of which robot is doing what part of the puzzle in the map. It sounds like it would be simple to know the difference but when you’re attempting to figure out which way is best to get through the game you could easily get confused.

Throughout factotum 90 you will find yourself thinking every step of the way and double checking every step you take, if you fall off one of the structures into water you will be sent back to the start which can be a pain but shows you that you can complete a level in different ways, even though you follow the same path. You can also use different types of blocks within the game to help you with switches and structures that get in your way.

As well as the variety of blocks, you also have the use of a teleporter and a few other things along your journey, but I won’t give too much away! Team work between the two robots is key to completing this game, you’ll thoroughly enjoy all thirty levels in this game ranging from basic puzzles to making you feel like you’re lost and alone in a maze With the help of an unknown voice who is guiding you and explaining what can be used to your advantage, it makes for a very enjoyable puzzle game!

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Gameplay 7
Graphics 6.5
Audio 6
Replay Value 7.5
Value for Money 9
Factotum 90

Summary: Factotum 90 is a decent puzzle game with a split screen twist, it makes you think in a completely different way to that of a similar puzzle game with a single player and keeps you going for hours of fun! It's release date of February 10th will surely see it rise in the ranks of ID@Xbox games and is a must for anyone who enjoys 3D puzzle games!

  • Enjoyable campaign with just enough levels
  • Split screen twist for a single player
  • Music is a little irritating.

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