Fear Effect Sedna Review

  • Dev: Forever Entertainment
  • Pub: Square Enix Ltd
  • Released:
  • PEGI/ESRB: 16/M
  • Players: 1
  • Size: 7.3 GB
  • Price: £15.99/$19.99/€19.99
  • Xbox One X Enhanced: No
  • Although I owned a PS1 when I was a teenager I had never heard of Fear Effect. I may have heard it in a passing conversation with a friend about what games we were playing at that time but it never stuck with me. This game however will probably stick with me. Not because it blew me out of the water or that I hated it but there is something about this game that I liked and I cant quite put my finger on it. Fear Effect Sedna is an action stealth top down thriller with a great story that puts a group of mercenaries together on the hunt for an ancient artefact. This adventure spirals into the spirit world with ancient myths coming to life and a mystery that unravels before the player.

    The story itself is great. Great artwork and cut scenes take centre stage as you watch the stories of these mercenaries play out in front of you and you get a sense of fondness for each character. The only Character that let it down for me was Deke the “Australian” I say Australian but I couldn’t help notice that it wasn’t an Australian who did the accent for the character. If it was he had been told to ham it up to the max. I also noticed that the voice felt like it didn’t fit in with the rest of the group. Don’t let that put a downer on the character though because I sound myself playing him a lot more than the others which I will come to later.

    Each character has their own set of abilities. I wont go into to much detail as playing around with these was one of the highlights of my time playing Fear Effect Sedna. However Deke the “Australian” had a flame-thrower ability and I really enjoyed walking around firing a cone of flame onto a group of enemies. I loved the abilities of all the characters and there are a few surprises thrown in for good measure too. Pressing the select button opens up the strategy menu where you can control all characters at the same time and plan out there roots. It really helps when you need to storm into a room of 30 enemies and another clever aspect of the game.

    The puzzles OH GOD the puzzles. This aspect of this game had me hooked! It drew me further into the story of the game. Each puzzle is different and there is no regurgitating or re skinning of them. Puzzles like cracking a door panel or defusing a bomb each had its own mind bending problem and each requires you to really think. For instance I needed to find a 6 number combination for a door. I searched around the level I had been killing people on and found pages of diaries or data entry. It forced me to read all of the information to find the right combination. I learned about the story and I found the key. If however you fail to crack the key or defuse the bomb a cut scene flashes up on the screen of your demise and a game over sign comes into your eye sights. This will happen a lot.

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    Gameplay 7
    Graphics 7
    Audio 5
    Replay Value 8
    Value for Money 8
    Fear Effect Sedna

    If you enjoy top down stealth strategy games pick Fear Effect Sedna up. If you enjoy thrilling horror themed stories Pick fear effect Sedna up. If you like good Australian accent do not pick up Fear Effect Sedna. All in all this is a great game and has something for everyone. Definitely a good purchase for any game collection.

    • Good Artwork
    • Great Story
    • Puzzles are amazing
    • Music is good
    • Bad voice acting
    • No sprint function

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