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Carve a path of destruction through an intense, believable battlefield in For Honor. Choose your warrior amongst a variety of bold Knights, brutal Vikings and deadly Samurai, each with their own weapon set and play style. Check out our review below to see what we thought of For Honor..

  • Dev: Ubisoft Montreal
  • Pub: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: 14/02/17
  • PEGI Rating: 18
  • Players: 1-8 online
  • Size: 36.64 GB
  • Category: Action Adventure
  • Price: £54.99
  • Ubisofts For Honor is a realistic fighting game built around fighting one versus one against a enemy hero. There is a total of 12 heroes to date and there are four within the three factions: The Samurai’s, Vikings and Knights
    Each hero is balanced against all the others if you have some understanding of all the other heroes attack speed, move-set and so on. To begin with the fighting in for honor is quite different to games like Chivalry, The blocking is different depending what hero you are playing like for the assassin you can only block for a limited amount of time and for other heroes you can block forever and for some you can block in all directions. Obviously there are counters to this like you can bash into heroes that can block all attacks to make a counter attack on them and for the assassins you wait until they have lost their ability to block as there is a small time frame that stops them from blocking. The details of the fighting system is quite incredible as it all revolves around stamina and what your characters stance is as if you are hit and are stunned it becomes a lot easier for your enemy to pull off a chain of attacks and you can even be hit or pushed off the map if you are not careful about your surroundings and are aware of what stamina you are on.

    I will also comment on the use of the environment as you can hit your enemies into fire pits, of ledges and so on and this adds to the already established realism that the game holds with the brutal executions that prevent you reviving team mates. Ubisoft also added to counter getting instantly killed when going against more than one enemy is the revenge feature where if you continuously block more and more attacks or take so much damage you can activate revenge which hits enemies to the ground and gives you a much better advantage over taking out more than one enemy but this only lasts for around 20 seconds, Feats are also play a part in combat mainly during the 4v4 matches where you can buff team mates, heal yourself or give yourself a damage boost and even make a catapult hurl a bomb and obliterate your enemies these can be changed so you can have more specific roles just as the gear can also specify certain things that your hero can do.

    This brings me on to the loot of the game and how gear can effect your play style and how it is evenly spread on getting hold of good gear. Overall the ability of getting gear is quite simple, play matches and you have a chance of getting a random piece for that hero you are currently playing as and you can get steel which is used to buy scavenger packs which range in price but the basic costs around 300 steel, from doing AI duel’s you get about 20 per match so its grinding if you don’t want to play online and you can get about 5000 steel just from finishing the story on hard mode (Which isn’t that hard to be honest)

    How Ubisoft has moved away from being classed as ‘Pay to Win’ is introduce contracts that are taken weekly and daily and not only help boost your amount of steel but also your level as it does give a fair amount of xp. Most of the high costing items tend to be cosmetics to be quite honest anyway and who wouldn’t refuse spending 15000 steel for fire wings on your knights to taunt against your opponents? The gear is specific to what hero you choose so getting all the best gear for all of the heroes can and will be overly tedious but the effects of having good gear helps in the game modes that keep these effects in place. For example: The raider is quite good at throwing your enemy around and constantly keeping them down so the hilt of the axe which is a item that can be changed to increase throwing distance so you can be safer to be further away from ledges or fire pits that you wish to throw your enemies in. This applies to all your stats as some things might be increased and others decreased but you can upgrade your gear with scrapping your unwanted gear and putting some steel towards it.

    With the game based around the three factions being constantly trapped within a war, you can place war assets after winning a match to have a global effect and push against the factions that you didn’t choose so you can push forward and claim more land which gives you a reward after the season is finished this applies to everyone so the more games you play the more likely you will have a effect on the war and help claim more land and get better rewards, you obviously still get rewards if you are the losing sides just they wont be as great as the others. You can also change faction but this has a knock on affect to how much you earn on the rewards as if you were to join the knights before they won the season you wouldn’t earn as much if you were with them from the start. With this added within the game it feels even more real and the fact that Ubisoft has gone this far to make the game feel real just shows the commitment into the newer games that they have made and are willing to make and improve in as many ways as possible.

    The only problem that pretty much every game that is quite new with a large fan-base suffers with is server issues and this is going to get better and better as the game further develops so i am not going to rant about how the only problem i have came across is so bad as the story makes up for it because the quality is amazing as the animations are beautifully done and the feeling of playing a story that isn’t too driven on dialogue but more actions and feeling that you are destroying a castle and are making a difference within a massive scale war is greatly satisfying. It also makes you play as all heroes so you have a understanding of them before you throw yourself into multiplayer so i would recommend doing it before and as i said above this you also get a lot of steel from completing it which will help getting gear.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 8.5
    Graphics 9
    Audio 8.5
    Replay Value 7.5
    Value for Money 7.5
    For Honor

    The graphics, sound and animations are perfect in For Honor with all of it forming a beautiful and unique game with colorful yet grim visuals that provide a sense of extreme realism. The things i wish to see in put into For Honor is a ranked mode in which is treated seriously with bans if people are to back out and so on allowing the game to grow and develop two sides just like the rest of the games that Ubisoft have made with there being a non competitive and competitive players appealing to both hardcore and casual gamers.

    • Good Graphics
    • Good Story
    • Good Variety Of Heroes
    • Good Loot System
    • Great Fighting System
    • Server Issues

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