Full Metal Furies Review

  • Dev: Cellar Door Games
  • Pub: Cellar Door Games
  • Released: 17/01/18
  • PEGI/ESRB: 7/E10+
  • Players: 2-4 local & online
  • Size: 663 MB
  • Price: £16.74/$19.99/€19.99
  • Xbox One X Enhanced: No
  • Full Metal Furies by Cellar Door Games is a top-down team based brawler where you assume the role of four girls looking to defend the world from Titans looking to rule the world. The pixel graphics have a nice feeling as well as the comic-inspired cut-scenes with the excessive bad jokes/innuendos. Your team of four consists of a Tank, Sniper, Engineer and Fighter each with their own weapons, blocking skills, dodging and special attack.

    The tank comes with a huge shield that you bash your enemies with and also charge at them with knocking them down. They also have a “Shout” that not only knocks your enemies back it does damage depending on which upgrade you have selected (which we’ll cover more later). The Sniper has their basic sniper shot, their “empowered” shot which does more damage and a grapnel which allows you to dodge shots and enemies while getting away quickly. The Engineer has a pistol, power shot which like the empowered shot for the sniper does more damage and they’re also able to throw a turret which helps keep the enemies busy. And finally there’s the Fighter who’s equipped with a Hammer that you bash your enemies with, dodge with your jump-strike and clear room with your spin attack.

    My gameplay lead me to playing more with the Tank and the engineer because of the tanks durability and the engineers turret and pistol that will shoot at anything in it’s targeting area. One big problem I had with the sniper was it’s manual aiming often had me missing when there were multiple enemies on the screen and then getting killed waiting to reload and re-aim. The Fighter was fun but early on it’s health was too low for me I found myself reviving myself too much but that changes when you level your players up. Throughout the game you’ll find gold around the levels as well as earn it from killing enemies which you use to purchase upgrades for your characters skills that become available as you level up.

    You will also find and earn blueprints for new weapon abilities throughout the game also changing the way you may play. The game gets you deeply involved rather quickly starting off with standard enemies without shields at first and then quickly exposing you to enemies with barriers that can only be damaged by specific Furies. Blue barrier means Tank needs to knock down the barrier before you can kill them and orange/red/green onward. At first this is o.k. when there are only a couple enemies on the screen but the real game begins later on at the near end-level areas and the boss battles. All of a sudden you have 5+ enemies on the screen 3 with blue barriers and 2 with green meaning you need to strategize and not just smash and bash.

    While the game does get increasingly difficult even in the first area, one nice feature is the fact that you don’t lose your gold when you die allowing you to upgrade your skills and go back and try to beat the level. Each boss also has it’s own difficulties not only in it’s own powers but the fact that it can summon other enemies to fight you so now you have a huge Titan to kill and at the same time you have 5+ smaller enemies shooting at you and slashing at you from all angles. The levels are set up nicely and very Mario-esque with a number of levels and hidden areas to complete before you make it to the boss.

    The gameplay is also very addictive urging you to complete the next level no matter how many times you die again with the nice feature where you don’t lose your gold so you can upgrade and re-equip your characters to better suit the level. Your camp is where you are brought back to after every level and it’s where you’re able to upgrade your abilities, open special items to give you bonuses and access your blueprints to get new weapons/abilities. This is a nice takeaway from just a screen that lets you do the same. Your camp also lets you test out your weapons and abilities on a dummy figure so you know what you’ll be doing instead of jumping into a game. All-in-all Full Metal Furies is a fun time that can help you waste hours maxing our your characters but takes a small hit on the price and for dedicated people can be finished in 15-20 hours per the dev.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 8
    Graphics 7.5
    Audio 7
    Replay Value 8
    Value for Money 6
    Full Metal Furies

    Full Metal Furies hits in a lot of places but is falling into the trap now-a-days where smaller market games are priced too high for their value. With only 4 bosses (albeit loads of levels) and only 15-20 hours to complete the game as stated from their own developers it would go a lot further if it were priced friendlier.

    • Nice pixel-art graphics
    • Fun comic-esque storyline
    • Fun character switching gameplay
    • Price slightly high for the game

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