Full Mojo Rampage Review

‘You are a voodoo apprentice hungry for knowledge and ready to perform deeds for the voodoo gods known as “Loa”. Through helping them you will gain their favor and trust. Your first quest requires you to help the mighty Baron Samedi. Samedi is known for his love of women, good tobacco and for drinking more rum than anyone. Last night he got too drunk and turned a safe ritual into a mess. Hordes of enemies are entering the world and he needs your help to clean up for him.’

  • Dev: Over The Top Games
  • Pub: Nicalis Inc.
  • Release Date: 28/6/16
  • PEGI Rating: 12
  • Players: 1-8
  • Size: 419.33 MB
  • Genre: Rogue-like Action RPG
  • Price: £10.39
  • Full Mojo Rampage uses roguelike elements such as randomly generated levels, items and being difficult. Very similar to The Binding of Isaac in terms of gameplay from how you get around to the way you upgrade your character, Full Mojo Rampage has a considerably different visual style. One of the things and main differences that makes Full Mojo Rampage stand out is the use of levelling for your character, so you can focus on making certain elements of them better without the need for being lucky with item drops. The story mode is also split into multiple chapters rather than one group of areas one after the other so you don’t really have to think long term with items.

    The game is very simple in terms of objective. You will usually have to destroy or collect a few items scattered around each level before you progress with bosses, dungeons and other types of bonus levels and places unlocked along the way. There are 17 levels across 4 quests, each quest having its own set of objectives to be met for each level. As mentioned before, although it plays similarly to Binding of Isaac the level design in Full Mojo Rampage is very different. Instead of multiple rooms making up the level with single waves of enemies; Full Mojo Rampage uses a fully sized, open map with the only ‘rooms’ being different gates that take you to things like upgrade stores.

    full mojo 1

    Character progression is solid, with the levelling system being well balanced and giving more freedom to players. This is also joined with the ability to take pins with you which also give stat upgrades and can be upgraded to give better effects. Combined with multiple Loa (Voodoo Gods) to choose from which each have their own abilities and a bunch of different masks to choose from you get to customise quite a bit of the game without a lot of luck based elements. This doesn’t mean it is all good however as it can require a bit of grinding to get to a point where you’re happy. Even then the upgrades can become useless on one of the 5 harder difficulties you can unlock for each quest.There is also co-op play which is available by creating/joining online games or having drop-in local.

    Plenty of items can be found as the game progresses, some being new wands for different effects of your attack, items for single or multiple use effects and passive items called ‘Mojos.’ Each mojo provides a different effect and comes with multiple visual looks to them. All of the voodoo doll mojos are named after people who supported the game during development which is a nice touch. One of the more interesting gameplay elements is the ability to find a Mojo Mixer which lets you combine two mojos into one so you can get both effects from one slot when equipped. Simple things like this allow people to build more how they want. For example, I had one run where I managed to focus on defence with one slot and attack on the other but mixed multiple mojos and got much more effectiveness from my buffs and could build how I wanted.

    full mojo 2

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 8
    Graphics 7.5
    Audio 6
    Replay Value 8
    Value for Money 7.5
    Full Mojo Rampage

    Summary: Full Mojo Rampage is best described as The Binding of Isaac with more freedom and customisation. You still get the luck-based as well as trial and error elements to the game but you get to build your character how you want pretty much as long as you're willing to grind a bit. The levels are all open and randomly generated as well as each quest having 6 difficulties. Combined with unlocking all items and Loa you can get a lot out of the game. The only real downside to the game is the soundtrack which is nice but extremely repetitive and the lack of different level objectives. If you're looking for something to rival Binding of Isaac and any other big rouge-like game out there then this is for you.

    • Good amount of customisation
    • A lot of options for building characters
    • Lots of unlockables
    • Repetitive soundtrack
    • Can be a bit grindy sometimes

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