Furi Review

Furi is a fast-paced sword fighting and dual-stick shooting game. Tasked with escaping from a prison that you’ve been held captive in, you’ll find yourself shooting and hacking and slashing your way through various enemies and bosses. Will Furi make you furious? Read our review to find out..

  • Dev: The Game Bakers
  • Pub: The Game Bakers
  • Release Date: 2/12/16
  • PEGI Rating: 16
  • Players: 1
  • Size: 4.1 GB
  • Category: Action Adventure
  • Price: £15.99
  • Furi is one of those games where you are going to need a lot of patience and more importantly a spare controller, just in case you decide to throw the one you are using across the room in a rage. The game focuses around boss fights and your ability to beat each of the bosses to get to your journey end of escaping a prison that you have been held captive in, while a strange voice over guides you through every stage and occasionally throws in the odd motivational quote to try and justify your actions of seeking revenge on your captors.

    There is a mix of fighting, top down twin stick shooting, counter manoeuvring with a bit of hack & slash thrown in there too and it flows quite well for the first couple of battles but the game soon becomes tiresome and repetitive the more it goes on. For every boss fight there is a different arena that can be used to your advantage but it can also be used for the boss to exploit your mistimed attacks so timing in each of these battles is key and you have to have a tactical approach to each one, reading their movement patterns to see the window of opportunity to make your move and attack.


    “There is a mix of fighting, top down twin stick shooting, counter manoeuvring with a bit of hack & slash thrown in there too”

    Each boss fight can get quite frantic at times and because of this I would lose my way and fall off an edge or get surrounded by glowing bombs that end up draining all of my energy which resulted in me having to begin the section again through no fault of my own and that started to become very frustrating very quickly. The game plays ok in general and has very basic controls but there are so many flaws in the accuracy of the counter system that it is almost pot luck if you manage to pull a few of these off in succession, despite your timing being accurate and the game will punish you for not getting it quite right which I fell victim to more than once which just added to my frustrations.

    Other aspects of the gameplay though are quite good with the top down shoot ‘em up style sections bringing back fond memories of old games that used that formula and the fairly good fighting sections that relied on tactical hits and reading the boss’ next move to gain your advantage, but unfortunately this is all let down by the inconsistent counter system and will ultimately test your patience the more you progress.


    “Visually the game is bright, colorful and it tries hard to capture the feel of an anime adventure”

    Visually the game is bright, colorful and it tries hard to capture the feel of an anime adventure with the art style but hidden in these visuals is some great lighting with neon affects that look very ‘Tron’ like and adds to what would otherwise be a fairly basic looking game. It is a visual style that will appeal to some gamers but won’t to others but as basic as the visual style may seem there is no denying its luminance on the screen. One thing that really stood out though was its incredibly good 80’s inspired soundtrack that wouldn’t sound out of place in an over the top action film from that decade that is full of synth beats, adding character to the battles and at times motivated me to progress in a battle just to hear the track that was playing get louder and more prominent.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 6
    Graphics 6.5
    Audio 7.5
    Replay Value 5
    Value for money 6

    Furi is a mixed bag of a game that suffers from inconsistent gameplay mechanics that will do nothing other than frustrate you to the point of wanting to throw your controller up the wall. Once the game is completed I doubt that you will want to go back and do it all again unless you are a sucker for achievements or have a hefty supply of controllers. There is an appealing but basic visual style accompanied by a great soundtrack in a game with decent ideas that wasn’t executed quite as well as it should have been.

    • Great soundtrack
    • Good neon lighting effects
    • Inconsistent mechanics
    • Cluttered level design
    • Repetitive Gameplay
    • Awful counter move system

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