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Developed by Soma Games, G Prime Into The Rain is a gravity puzzle game with a deep story in which players take on the role of an explorer, whose job is to charter a new phenomenon which has appeared in space. Filled with resources and abundant with water this phenomenon has been dubbed “The Rain”, and has attracted many corporations looking to turn a profit on what it has to offer.

Upon starting G Prime you have to choose a corporation to work for, and this is where you first get a glimpse of how in-depth the story is. There are 10 corporations to choose from, each having there own background and mission statement about their use of The Rain. As of the point of writing this review I’m unsure if the corporation you pick has any affect on the games ending, as I’m currently stuck on level 33 in the 5th sector (out of 8 sectors) but I’ll go into the games difficulty and mechanics a little later.

After picking the corporation you want to work for, you hear from Barker, Ptolemy Stations (the name of the ship you’re in throughout the game) Chief. He introduces the game and gives a brief summary of what the objective is. As you listen to Barker you are in the Crow’s nest of Ptolemy, this is where you access all of the games menus and features. It’s a little confusing at first but doesn’t take long to get the hang of how it all works. The basics are, select the top middle screen to choose the level you want to play. The large screen on the right is the gameplay screen.


there are a couple of other things to note the top right screen is the E-manual, here you can read up more on the games back story and also gives you guides on navigating the Crow’s Nest and operating the rockets you fire during gameplay. I would strongly recommend reading through these first. You also have a screen with S.W.I.G. written on it. this screen is used to track your progress and view leaderboards. It is also planned to be used to link G Prime to other games, as it is the first in a series called ARC Saga. You can also access the games settings from the Crow’s Nest simply pressing the X button will present you with a pop up panel with the usual volume sliders and difficulty level selector.

The gameplay in G Prime is fairly simplistic. The first sector is a tutorial which allows you to get to grips with the games mechanics. You have to aim your SDER Rocket towards the SDER Target, and set the impulse and burn duration of the firing, there is a yellow guide that shows the path the rocket will take and comes in handy while navigating around obstacles later. Press the right trigger and the rocket will fire, you then have to press the A button as it passes through the SDER Target to ‘ping’ it. The closer you are to the centre the better the data value, and the higher you will score.

Once all targets are scanned and you have scored enough ‘payout’ you can move on to the next level. The levels gradually increase in difficulty as you would expect, with more objects with gravitational force being present, and some that are moving around the screen. You also gain access to more rocket options such as secondary fire. but with the aid of the afore mentioned rocket guide suddenly taken away later on, it becomes really difficult (this is the point where I am currently stuck). It has become alot more about trial and error and finding the correct trajectory and rocket setup to finish the level.

Soma Games provided a download code for this review
Gameplay 8
Graphics 7.5
Audio 5.5
Replay Value 8
Value for Money 9
G Prime: Into the Rain

Summary: Soma have done a grand job. G Prime is a solid puzzle game, with a little more to think about than just aim and shoot. Nice back story that also links it to future games in the ARC Saga. A must buy if you like Puzzlers and something with a bit of depth. G Prime is currently only scheduled for release in the U.S. hopefully it will be released around the world in the near future.

  • Solid back story
  • Gameplay requires a little more thought
  • Minimal soundtrack
  • Barker can become annoying

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