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GunWorld 2 is developed and published by m07 Games. ‘The Exaction Faction, an intergalactic troupe of super heroes, has come to arrest President Eagle! Explore GunWorld to level up, collect new gear, and hunt down the Faction members in this retro inspired action/platformer/RPG hybrid.’

GunWorld 2 is one of the more unique platformers that I have played and is one of the only games I’ve seen to mix RPG elements well with platforming. Our main character in the game is Dwayne, ‘the best GunMan in GunWorld.’ I never played the original GunWorld but you get a brief bit of backstory into what has happened in the previous game and I know that there are some references in there for players that did pick up the original but it was still good to go into a sequel and actually have an explanation as to what has already happened.

Unlike classic platformers you have to find the levels in GunWorld rather than progressing through a level and being thrown into the next. After the tutorial you get transported to the main hub which is a town where Dwayne can interact with different people and sellers of goods to get different things that can help him on his missions. One shopkeep offers items and weapons; a couple of these items are one-time use such as the respawn eagle which stops a checkpoint restart and respawns Dwayne on the spot he died.

New weapons are unlocked for purchase as you defeat bosses and free botanists which give you new weapons similar to the boss’ ability, very similar to Mega Man. There is also a blacksmith which sells armour that gives unique buffs depending on what you equip and as mentioned before, other multiple NPCs are hanging out in the town also. Back on topic though, you have to find each level in the actual world itself which is one of the RPG elements of the game. When exiting town you get to move Dwayne around GunWorld, finding all kinds of secrets, encounters and missions. It makes the game more rewarding and gives players more to do rather than going from mission to mission.

Each mission is difficult and even with multiple upgrades should not be taken lightly. Enemies become more challenging as the game goes on and I didn’t manage to make it that far but with how far I made it I was struggling. Certain enemies are only killable by certain weapons, and these weapons are in limited stock since they need to be brought with gold that drops from enemies so if you’re out of money for weapons you are going to struggle.

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That’s not all though, some obstacles are only passable with certain weapons also which can make levels unbeatable unless you have that weapon so be sure to keep a couple of each weapon on you. In addition to this, in ‘Story Mode’ Dwayne is able to level up which increases his damage output and health so farming gold and levelling from encounters and previous levels is a viable strategy in the game. The challenge aspect of the game is great though because GunWorld is trying to be like a retro platformer and it does a great job of being one and gets multiple references in for other classic platformers while it’s at it.

Three game modes are available to play; Story, Old-School and Level Rush. Each mode offers its own challenge and experience giving the game more longevity. Story mode is the typical main mode of the game where you follow Dwayne on his missions and get all the RPG elements. Old-School turns the game into a true classic platformer with a linear story and only three lives with no saves or continues and finally Level Rush which is similar but you only have one life to do the levels in a random order. Plenty to do if you’re good enough.

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Gameplay 8
Graphics 7
Audio 7
Replay Value 8
Value for Money 8.5
Gun World 2

Summary: GunWorld 2 brings challenge back to platformers while keeping the visuals and soundtrack of a platformer from years back when they were the main genre. It has the simple, silly story but it has plenty of different elements, secrets and different ways to play which will keep players that like platformers entertained for a long time. If you dislike hard games then this isn't for you but I would recommend it to anyone that wants something that will require a lot of time and learning to beat, even once.

  • Feels just like a retro platformer
  • Lots of secrets
  • RPG elements fit well with the platforming
  • World exploration
  • Menus can be awkward to navigate

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