Her Majesty’s SPIFFING Review

Her Majesty’s SPIFFING is a point & click adventure game, where you are tasked by Her Majesty the Queen to go off and establish a new Galactic British Empire. Is Her Majesty’s SPIFFING as spiffing as its title? Read our review below to find out..

  • Dev: Billy Goat Ent.
  • Pub: Billy Goat Ent.
  • Release Date: 7/12/16
  • PEGI Rating: 3
  • Players: 1
  • Size: 3.2 GB
  • Category: Action Adventure
  • Price: £14.99
  • In Her Majesty’s SPIFFING you take control of Frank Lee English, and along with your side-kick Aled Jones, you are sent off into space by Her Majesty the Queen to start a new Galactic British Empire. Your ship is a rocket/Mini Cooper hybrid attached to the side of Big Ben, with none other the the Queen herself pressing the big red button blasting you off into space, the S.P.I.F.F.I.N.G (Special Planetary Investigative Force For Inhabiting New Galaxies) mission begins!

    From the start it is made apparent that the game is self aware, with constant remarks and hints about ‘the fourth wall’. with the main character English often looking directly at the player and even winking at times. this sets a footing for the comedy script of the game too that is essentially British. there’s lots of references to British mannerisms and stereotypes. that are done really well and are in fact quite funny. Thanks in whole go to the voice acting which is done brilliantly.

    Making a good old cup of tea

    Making a good old cup of tea

    You are free to move around as you please, but does feel a little clumsy due to the camera angle changes and some of the collision barriers, although the rest of the controls are simple and great to use. Interacting with objects you can press the A button to bring up a wheel, which will give you four choices which you can select from using the left stick. these choices include directly interacting with an object such as sitting in a chair, talk (which quite often results in English giving a one-liner about talking to inanimate objects), examine and lastly interact with the object with the currently equipped item. you can access the inventory by pressing the Y button, here you can equip items, combine them and inspect them in detail.

    There’s plenty of things to interact with throughout the game, with objects obtained early on needed much later and to be combined with other items. There’s a nice balance to the puzzle aspect of combining items, that requires a little thinking outside the box without being too complicated and it helps the game flow along with its comedy dialogue.

    Frank Lee English and Aled Jones having a conversation

    Frank Lee English and Aled Jones having a conversation

    The game while enjoyable isn’t all that long, it can be completed within a couple of hours, although you may want to go back through and see what happens if you do somethings differently as there’s the ability to do that, though they all often result with the same outcome. I was definitely left wanting more, and without spoiling the story, it does end with the possibility of a sequel.

    Visually the 3D character models and environments are well presented, not overly detailed giving it a cartoon look. It is let down a little by some screen tearing at times, which hopefully the developers can get fixed as it does distract from what is overall a visually pleasing game. The audio is great, not alot to the soundtrack but the voice acting is superb as mentioned earlier.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 8
    Graphics 7.8
    Audio 9
    Replay Value 5.8
    Value for Money 7
    Her Majesty's SPIFFING

    Her Majesty's SPIFFING is a cracking first game for developers Billy Goat Entertainment. There's Great gameplay that's accompanied by some jolly good British humour. It may be short lived but it if you 'get' the humour it will have you chuckling all the way through. There's potential for a decent series of games here and I'm quite looking forward to what the devs have next. Some might find the price a little high, but Her Majesty's SPIFFING is definitely worth checking out.

    • Great dialogue that will have you chuckling throughout.
    • 3D Character models and environments are well done
    • interaction controls are easy to get to grips with
    • Screen tearing
    • Short lived
    • movement feels a little awkward due to camera changes.

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