HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection Review

Dev: IO Interactive
Pub: Warner Bros.
Released: 11/01/19
Players: 1
Size: 43.05 GB
Price: £49.99/$59.99/€59.99
Xbox One X Enhanced: Yes

Hitman is a series that isn’t new to revisiting its previous games. Last generation we had the HD trilogy, and now this generation is getting the HD Enhanced Collection, featuring the fan favourite Blood Money and Absolution, which some fans of the series have mixed feelings about but was met with praise from critics.

Both games have been given multiple improvements such as increased frame rate up to 60 and 4K capabilities. Improved controls are one of the improvements mentioned, however it doesn’t feel like the controls have drastically changed. Some issues still remain due to how old the games are as well, mostly on Blood Money. Pop in on levels like The Murder of Crows amongst the large crowds are very apparent. Absolution doesn’t have any real problems that stick out since it’s not as old but you can see the age of Blood Money even with the improvements.

Blood Money is where Hitman really got it’s feet planted and paved the way for Absolution and then eventually the reboot. It’s levels aren’t as huge as you’d probably remember and the AI aren’t as amazing if you haven’t played since the original release but its design is still able to be appreciated and still holds up, especially with the improvements made to it.

Blood Money is more like the reboot and it’s sequel in that you will progress through contracts one after another and be given specific targets to take down. How you do it is completely up to you but you’ll get better title ratings and more cash for upgrades the cleaner you are. Mission stories sort of exist within Blood Money as well. However, unlike the reboot you don’t ever have an option to mark them but are instead left to figure out yourself which NPC to disguise yourself as to open more paths. You also have an option to buy intel which gives you hints but nothing that directly tells you what to do.

Absolution went a different route to Blood Money and even though you are still taking out targets the tone of the game and the way it plays is completely different since 47 is a fugitive this time. New mechanics were added in this instalment like the Instinct mode and new shooting mechanics like being able to tag targets for quick kills if there’s a group.

Because it came out at the end of the last ten console’s lifespan Absolution absolutely holds up. I don’t ever remember it having much wrong with it to begin with but with 4K capability and 60FPS it’s amazing. Gameplay is a bit more linear due to the nature of the story, but you still have opportunities to get creative with taking down your targets. Disguises aren’t flawless either in this instalment. Blood Money suffered from being too easy to just swap clothes and pretty much be untouchable unless you pulled a weapon. This time though everyone is suspicious of 47. Not all the time but Absolution is definitely more challenging and rewarding when it comes to going for being a Silent Assassin.

A copy of the game was provided for this review by the developer/publisher

Gameplay 7.5
Graphics 8
Audio 8
Replay Value 8
Value for Money 4
HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection

Overall the collection is pretty standard for a remaster collection. The games play the same but quality of life adjustments have been made and the games look and run better. There is nothing major to mention really since there is no extra content to talk about. The price is the biggest issue being £50 for just the two games despite the biggest difference being a resolution and frame rate increase. It feels like too much of an asking price for something like this.

  • Two of the most praised Hitman games in 4K 60FPS
  • Both games hold up well with the improvements
  • Price is too high for what you get
  • Certain issues still exist from the original games

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