How To Survive 2 Review

How to Survive 2 is set several years after the original game, set in Louisiana you’ll have to fulfill your basic needs of food, water and shelter, crafting your own tools and weapons while you secure your camp and face flesh hungry zombies. Is How to urvive 2 woth a look? Read our review below to find out..

  • Dev: Eko Software
  • Pub: 505 Games
  • Release Date: 13/02/17
  • PEGI Rating: 18
  • Players: 1-4 local & online
  • Size: 6.8 GB
  • Category: Action Adventure
  • Price: £11.99
  • If ever you wanted a step by step tutorial of how to cope with an undead invasion, How To Survive 2 would probably be the go to place to get it. Set in a zombie apocalypse, How To Survive 2 puts you in the shoes of a survivor who has to build his resources in order to cope with the situation by doing various quests and carrying out many different objectives within them. These objectives include things like hunting for resources or finding items to build up your base camp allowing you to set fences, traps and expanding your arsenal of your base to give you the best chance of being able to battle the many hordes of zombies that you will encounter throughout the campaign.

    It has a mixture of quests but it is mainly made up of ‘go to and get’ missions where you may have to find and collect certain parts to build an armoury for your camp or retrieve a lost item for a fellow survivor in exchange for some intel or some unique crafting parts. The quests can get a little repetitive, going backwards and forwards doing what feels like the same thing again and again, but the possibility of being able to upgrade your character, weapons or base camp by doing these sweetens it slightly. You have a main area where you will have your base and you get some quests from which you can freely explore but the area is fairly restricted and all the quests you accept places you in to a different enclosed section of the world to complete your objectives. It gives you the impression that this is an open world game but it isn’t, it’s actually quite a linear experience and I don’t think it quite works as well as expected. There were times within these areas when it became difficult to actually find one of the objectives within the quest level which I found a little frustrating, especially when I would find myself surrounded by hordes of zombies, trying to get to where I needed to go and having to manually trigger the mini map that appears right in the middle of the screen didn’t make it any easier.

    How To Survive 2 isnt a bad looking game but I feel it could of been better looking in terms of the overall visual quality that could of been achieved on current gen machines but there are a few good aspects of the visuals. The lighting and atmosphere are well created especially in night sections with your torch being the only main source of light in the woodland areas and the street lamps shining over the city areas giving an essence of tension while completing a quest. Environments are quite detailed in certain areas as are character models, but the insides of the buildings all had a bit of a copy and paste look to them as they all looked the same and I lost track of buildings I’d been in and buildings I hadn’t because of how similar they all looked so I lost track of where I had already raided at times which was frustrating.

    I also noticed a fair amount of screen tearing happening when the camera is panning across which I was surprised about considering the style of the game and I found it to be off putting whenever it happened. Sound effects and music aren’t groundbreaking but they’re not terrible either, with the music being very suited to this genre adding tension to the experience. The sounds from the zombies can be a little annoying though and there are some repetition in some of the more annoying zombie groans that you hear throughout the game. Something that I really didn’t like was the menu system and user interface that seems unsuited to consoles as you have to use a cursor to select anything. I am unsure why the developers have opted to bring it over from the PC version because it makes simple selections more difficult than they should be.

    There isn’t much of a story to How To Survive 2, but there is clearly an attempt to add some kind of narrative in there but it’s very basic but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing because this game is all about having fun and using its RPG elements by upgrading your camp, weapons and character to be well equipped to survive the situation that is happening around you. The viewpoint is isometric with the gameplay being a mix of melee combat and shooting and overall it’s pretty good to play with only a few little annoyances with the main one being the scope of view through buildings which can be a hindrance.

    The melee combat is solid but basic but you don’t want anything to over complicated in a game of this style and while I found it repetitive, I never bored of having quite a bit of fun smashing zombie skulls repeatedly, resulting in me gaining XP that could level up my favourite weapon or give me that all important barricade for my base. There are various types of zombies to battle from basic walkers to exploding bloaters which are accompanied by various types of infected animals too, where the stars of the show are the toxic vomiting pelicans. How To Survive 2 can be enjoyed on your own or in co-op where you and your friends can complete quests to battle zombies and build up the base together. Although this game is fun as a single player game, It can get quite lonesome playing it on your own at times so being able to invite people to assist you in your cause can be great fun.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 7
    Graphics 6.5
    Audio 6.5
    Replay Value 8
    Value For Money 7.5
    How To Survive 2

    How To Survive 2 is a game that incorporates some good RPG elements to it and there is certainly a lot of fun to be had whether it be on your own or teaming up with your friends. It plays quite well and although it's a bit repetitive it is still a decent game that you will find yourself spending a fair bit of time on expanding your base or levelling up your character and weapons. It's a shame that there are quite a few flaws that impact the overall experience but some of these may be addressed in future updates to the game.

    • Good character progression
    • Base camp building
    • Some fun gameplay elements
    • Good replay value
    • Some screen tearing
    • Repetitive missions
    • Some annoying audio

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