Hyper Jam Review

Dev: Bit Dragon
Pub: Bit Dragon
Released: 12/02/19
PEGI/ESRB: 16/E13+
Players: 2-4 Local 2-4 Online
Size: 4.33 GB
Price: £12.49/$14.99/€14.99
Xbox One X Enhanced: Yes

Hyper Jam is a top down arena brawler game in which you play against friends, AI or online opponents using many different weapons and a whole load of stackable perks to fight your way through rounds in a bid to be victorious, it’s neon soaked style and dynamic perk stacking system are a good starting point but does it stack up to be a top tier arena brawler?

First off it’s worth noting that Hyper Jam only has one game mode which you can play by yourself against AI or online against friends/randoms it does incorporate cross-platform play which can be positive although when I was trying to find matches it struggled, I sat for up to 3 minutes before giving up which kind of put a dampner over what is a decent game, now i know i’m saying 3 minutes, i didn’t just try once that would be silly! On multiple occasions i attempted to find games and once or twice came up with a game but for the amount of times i tried it was upsetting, on average most games it loaded me into were after the 2 minute marker and were usually just a 1 v 1 match rather than 4 v 4 sadly the matchmaking for an online based game was upsetting but not all is lost! AgriusRage stepped in to save the day (as usual) so we jumped in with 2 bots and at this point the game started to shine.

It may be a repetitive arena brawler with certain op weapons which we will talk about later but when you’re going against a friend who is as competitive as yourself you never want to stop! Going at each other with a variety of weapons from large hammers to katana’s and rocket launchers we threw everything we could at each other at the end of each round you get to select a perk which can range from a faster running speed to more damage dealt with your fists, these perks can all be stacked so if you picked up the same perk twice it would increase itself from 10% to 20% or whatever the percentage was that it gave you, I can honestly say that after a bad experience playing this game to loading it up with a friend it done a full 180 and changed my opinion, I kind of with it had more game modes I know it’s quality over quantity but for this day and age I really can’t understand just a single game mode, yes it does also have a tutorial mode but does it really need it? And can that be classed as a game mode? adding to it that you only have 6 levels to choose from and 4 characters which are just skins and hold nothing different when on the battlefield it just seemed a little premature, it would have been great if they could have expanded on this and created more game modes or even a sandbox mode to create your own levels or versus game types.

Graphically Hyper Jam looks great it’s neon styling is a nice touch especially with it’s Xbox One X enhancement. The audio is some nice dance music in the background which perfectly suits it, i wish the game modes would reflect on the perfectly suited artwork and graphics because it would have made this a heavy hitting arena brawler.

Gameplay 6
Graphics 7
Audio 7
Replay Value 4
Value For Money 6
Hyper Jam Review

Hyper Jam has created decent gameplay which looks and sounds beautiful but sadly it just isn’t enough selection to be above the £10 price point, if they added extra game modes and a better matchmaking system I could see this being one of the best arena brawlers going, it was saved slightly when playing against friends, if you are looking for a party game or one to play with your friends as a “filler” game then I would advise you to take a look.

  • Extremely enjoyable if playing with competitive friends
  • Enjoyable audio
  • Only one game mode
  • Matchmaking takes ages

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